Mode of "new receiver" on SDR console?

  • I apologise for what should be an ignorant question, but I have R'd the FM, S'd the FW and still have no answer:

    I am using SDR console to monitor the narrowband transponder of QO100, meeting the requirement of monitoring my own transmissions and the transponder in general.

    This works fine if I only start SDR console w/o starting a receiver - the resulting spectrum screen does what I need and more.

    However, once so often it is desirable to start a receiver on SDR console. However, if I do, the new receiver always starts on LSB and I need to switch it to USB.

    The only way to avoid this is to disable LSB mode completely. I don't want that; I want LSB mode to be available just not used when I start a "new receiver". Hence my question: how to I control the startup mode of a new SDR receiver?

    The only thing I did find was someone asking this in 2019, with Simon Brown answering "I am busy". That is 3 years ago, I hope a solution exists now.

    73, Geert Jan

  • Geert,

    this happens when you close all receivers prior to shutting down SC (sdr console). If you shut it down with a receiver in USB mode still running, it will start with the last frequency, mode etc. when you hit the "Start" icon.

    IIRC you can set a checkmark "automatically run the last receiver when SC loads, no need to hit START" somewhere in the guts of SC. BUT if there was no last receiver when you shut down SC, it can't come up with one.

    So maybe you just need to loose the habit of stopping all receivers before leaving SC.

    Does that help?

    73, Martin