HSMODEM AmsatDL GitHub Error: "hsmodem crashes if message too long #6"

  • Yes, I find this is true with V0.89 [from AmsatDL Github].

    I used the code from the last commit by tomvdb on Oct 24 2022.

    I am pretty sure I have a fix - the root problem is the Bulletin files being too large for UDP.

    This newer EXE seems to run on my Windows PC and my RPi4 fine for about 1 hour.

    Now, what does the owner, Kurt, or anyone else want me to do with the code changes please?

    I don't wish to have a GitHub account, and I do not wish to make a website.

    Here are the changed file as a list, from this folder only:

    Directory of C:\Docs\AmsatDL\HSModem\GitAMSATDL\Source\QO-100-Modem-main\oscardata\oscardata

    Note I have only in the "oscardata" project [in c#]. Nothing else.

    *** Changed source [all dated 2023] ****

    08/09/2023 15:04 <DIR> bin

    08/09/2023 16:00 <DIR> obj

    12/09/2023 16:35 482 oscardata.csproj.user

    21/09/2023 12:01 142,938 Form1.Designer.cs

    21/09/2023 12:01 478,873 Form1.resx

    21/09/2023 12:03 23,268 udp.cs

    21/09/2023 12:04 <DIR> Properties

    21/09/2023 12:04 8,181 oscardata.csproj

    21/09/2023 12:05 28,958 receivefile.cs

    22/09/2023 15:28 107,480 Form1.cs

    22/09/2023 15:35 <DIR> ..

    22/09/2023 15:35 <DIR> .

    Here are screenshots of the HTML in a browser and the main (windows) app. Apparently now running fine.

    Please ignore the title bar text and just look at the Red "BULLETIN FILE TOO BIG FOR UDP" parts.

    Put simply, I have not forwarded Bulletin messages that are too large as this causes the program to throw an Exception and stop.

    I replace the large Bulletin messages with my short error message (HTML).

    So what does the author wish to do...

    Please note I do not wish to get involved with the distribution and maintenance of EXEs or source code, unless it goes to the author or someone [e.g. tomvdb] who wishes to merge with Git Hub (NB the AmsatDL project not DJ0ABR's project).

    Thanks and best 73,

    Any confusion, or questions, you can email me, of course. QRZ.

    Mike G0LJF