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    Hello together,

    I received information from Felix DL5XL , that he recently talked with DL5EBE QSL-Manager for DP0GVN.

    Usually Dominik is very reliable and that for many many years on a voluntary base.

    However, since March 2021 he did not receive any log file for DP0GVN. This week he got a paper scan from Theresa, which needs to be manually processed now and uploaded to LotW.

    So please be patient, it will just take a couple of more days until you should also get your confirmation for DP0GVN..

    Thanks to Dominik DL5EBE

    73s Peter

    just returned from Bochum, LEILA is back working.

    We found some issues in the receive section including LNB, some further investigations will be done before the AMSAT-DL Symposium next week..

    Nevertheless, it was frightening to see how much work Leila had to do now that she is back in operation. Some stations seemed to ignore Leila completely, maybe because they can't do full duplex? Others even felt disturbed.

    According to the Alfred-Wegener Institute, a severe winter storm hit Atka Bay (Antarctica) at the end of last week. At Neumayer-Station III, about 20 kilometres away, wind speeds of max. 94.9 knots (175.7 km/h) were recorded as a minute average in the night from 13 to 14 August. The strongest gust was 112 knots (207 km/h). This is by far the highest wind speed in recent years.

    Unfortunately, the satellite antenna for QO-100 was also completely destroyed in the storm, despite the weatherproof radome, so no school contacts with DP0GVN can take place until further notice. AMSAT-DL and AWI hope to be able to erect a new antenna early next year so that the very successful contacts with schools in particular can be continued.…-rebuilding-planned-2022/…w/default-e0712c2330.html

    LEILA is currently somewhat deaf and the Siren marker indicating that a user is using too much uplink power is not working.

    Please continue to monitor your own signal and make sure that you do not exceed beacon level !

    Please respect the rules.

    Team is working on this issue and it will hopefully be fixed quickly.

    Can we stop this discussion? Rules are Rules.. an the Rule is if you want to use QO-100 you need to be "full-duplex" capable.

    Yes - it's the shooter who kills people with a gun. So does the manual tell you, please respect the guidelines?

    It's quite funny that a unit is sold as a "PC-free", but you need a Laptop or Internet to check/monitor your own signal?

    This isn't funny. Actually it's sad that this is advertiued and sold this way. :thumbdown:

    Again - please respect the rules!

    in a few minutes SpaceX Falcon 9 "Transporter-2" shall launch a flock of CubeSats into LEO on a rideshare launch.

    There will be some CubeSats transmitting in the amateur satellite service, frequencies successfully coordinated by IARU.

    Unfortunately there is at least one company (again ) violating the usage of these frequencies for commercial purposes, which is very sad.

    Is that the "democratization" of New Space everyone talks about?

    more details here:…2021-06-30-18-56-utc/8115

    Nothing new - it's RADAR noise, known since the first day of operation of QO-100...

    Hi Ernst,

    thanks for your investigation into SDRconsole and finding a work around for the "real" SNR.

    The general principles has been discussed in another thread here in the forum where Achim DH2VA also explained the effects of small and large dishes and where the optimum is. Generally speaking, if you can clearly see the transponder noise there is only little to add...

    Maybe we need a new thread with a summary of all individual threads with investigations and conclusions as below:

    However the "Voice ZRO" beacon proposed by George is mainly a simple test for those who do not use a "PC", but a traditional converter and RX/TX.

    73s Peter

    I think "Voice ZRO" is still better than CW or any other digital mode, which could be machine decoded.

    I don't think that it is big disadvantage, but in the voting/survey we could also ask for the age of the OP and dish size ;-)

    Hi Remco,

    yes - we were also looking into the NB telemetry and there are several possible sources of origin which will be further observed and analyzed. Obviously someone sweeped over the whole NB and WB with a lot of power. We are also working on I/Q recording of the whole NB transponder passband currently, so that we can do more analysis of signals everywhere on the transponder and any time. A kind of "signal intelligence" which might be helpful to identify the origin...

    While we can not make any conclusions yet, it's always a good reminder to everyone to follow the guidelines and be as economical with the Uplink power and spectrum as possible.

    73s Peter

    Hi George,

    Many people might remember the very popular ZRO test on OSCAR-10, also discussed here: proposal for beacon Hi

    We thought about the possibility implementing this on the lower CW beacon a while ago.

    We just discussed your proposal in our regular internal QO100 team meeting and the first opinion was that traditionally Wednesday = Experimental Day would be in fact a good day for such a test.

    Since you need to be attending the station when it runs all day, we understand that you might prefer a weekend which is also helpful to receive more reports from a wider audience.

    So from our perspective June 27th from 05:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC would be fine.

    Depending on the acceptance and results, we could even later decide if we want to install this as a permanent service with Uplink from Bochum or if it will be say a monthly event, with some sort of Awards for the stations which received the "lowest level".

    I think it could be very helpful for users to understand what their receive performance really is, as we see people promoting 30cm dish beside the recommended size of 60cm or more...

    73s Peter

    On the occasion of the deployment in space of the first Mauritian NanoSatellite MIR-SAT1, on 22 June 2021 at 10:55UTC, the Mauritius Amateur Radio Society (MARS) is creating special awards (ELECTRONIC ONLY) open to all participating Hams/SWLs worldwide.

    for more details check the MIR-SAT1 Special Award description


    Es’hail-2 telemetry detected a surge in Helix current of the WB-Transponder on 17.06.2021 between 15:52 and 15:53 UTC due to extensive abnormal uplink power!! This created a "red alert" in the satellite control center in Qatar.

    Any reports here are welcome..

    Anything which could shorten the lifetime of the TWT should be indeed avoided, so please handle your uplink power with care!

    Less is better… also use efficient DVB-S2 modes.

    Thanks, AMSAT-DL

    from OPUSAT-II Team:

    Amateur radio operators can uplink messages to OPUSAT-II, and can downlink them by FM downlink. Therefore, Amateur radio operators ALL OVER THE WORLD can share massages through OPUSAT-II.

    OPUSAT-II (HIROGARI) mission description 1

    We will conduct test operation of the message box on the following schedule.

    June 18, 9:47pm - June 19, 4:18am

    June 19, 10:34pm-June 20, 3:28am


    The informations needed to join this service (such as command format and generator, uplink/downlink mode and frequency, decode software) are available on the following link. 1

    OPUSAT-II transmits FM only when command uplinked, which means OPUSAT-II usually transmits FM only over Japan(because we uplink mission command from Japan).

    But during conducting message box service, it transmits FM on other areas if amateur radio operators join the service and uplink message box commands. (Uplink command which is not from us is acceptable only when conducting message box service)

    I would like lots of amateur radio operator all over the world to join.


    Hallo Peter

    I want receive with my radio, not via SatNOGS. Otherwise I could also receive via WebSDR. But that's not my thing.


    you misunderstood me.. I tried to help you and give you a hint how to use MMSTV with your recorded Wave-file !!!

    The SatNOGS is my own station and not a WebSDR. I wanted to decode the recorded file of my own station, nothing more, nothing less.. just read the instructions in my original post and you will see how you can play a recorded file within MMSTV..

    73 Peter