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    I am feeding the LNB with 13V, supposed to be vertical polarisation…

    ... the 13V is the one point of power source, the available current another error source. Where do the 13V come from? Is there enough drain available for the LNB? Are there any DC resistors on the coacial cable? Are the 13V also on the LNB available?

    Hallo Jens,

    the azimuth angle is sometimes critical due to magnetic influences in the immediate vicinity with a cellphone.

    At this time the weather is fine, try a check with the sun, also the shadow.

    You can calculate the correct time with when the sun has the same azimuth as AO-100.

    Observe the lluminated area where the dish is to be mounted.

    But only azimuth is this time correct, because the sun is meanwhile higher than QO-100, but your picture shows, there is no problem in elevation.

    73´s de Robert

    two SNR readings from SDR console with different zoom settings

    that is exactly the problem.

    It is difficult to assess signal strengths with different scalings, bandwidths and hardware, since each hardware configuration gives different results.

    I think this way we cannot compare our receiving equipment.

    We need an other solution ....

    My way to verify different equipments is to take a look at the ground noise

    I verify the ground noise of a unused part from the transponder with the ground noise 1 MHz beside the transponder.

    So I have no influence from stations and bandwith adjustments ...


    On my 1,8m PF with OCAGON OTLSO Twin LNB (26 MHz GPSDO) i can see a transponder noise 9 dB over ground noise.

    What do you think about?

    DH2VA ... Danke nochmal für die Erläuterung, ich denke vielen ist, wie mir auch, die Funktion von so einem Patch noch nicht klar nachvollziehbar.....

    Was sollte denn nun auf der Betriebsfrequenz liegen? Der Buckel mit möglichst niedrigem SWR, oder eine der beiden Resonanzen?

    Bei meinen beiden POTY ist immer die linke Resonanz auf der Betriebsfrequenz ... ?!?

    As far as I know, the over power message is determined and reported via the "spectral power density" of the transmission.

    So there is no line as in the NB transponder for the power to be used.

    Perhaps the operator of the BATC monitor can comment on this ...

    73´s de Robert

    Buona domanda :-)

    Hai una connessione 1: 1.

    Questa connessione non può usare la LAN esistente (credo) Con il mio adattatore utilizzo la LAN esistente e anche la rete WiFi.

    Il mio Pluto è a 50 metri dalla casa ed è collegato tramite WiFi.

    Non so se funziona con il tuo adattatore.

    No, il PC è normalmente collegato al router LAN. L'adattatore Ethernet USB è collegato a Pluto. Ciò significa che è possibile accedere a Pluto dal PC tramite la normale LAN (incluso WiFi).

    Forse ieri ha funzionato come estensione USB su LAN? Devi digitare l'indirizzo IP nel browser. Plutone rimane quindi collegato come un dispositivo USB.

    Hm, then the browser request may not go all the way to Pluto.

    I have a router in between. PC -> router -> Pluto.

    I would give it a try.

    Try also sometimes disconnect and connect the Pluto.

    From where get the Pluto the 5V Power?



    ipaddr_eth = -> set here the IP Adress you wish

    netmask_eth =

    gateway_eth = -> set here your gateway from the router

    after change config and save you have to restart the Pluto!