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    Hello Miko, very interesting your measurements.

    Can you make a readout of the -10dB angles? For iluminating of a dish it would be better to see the -10 dB values than -3 dB for compare....


    73 de Robert

    That sounds like it could be a problem.

    Yes, in the worst case this transforms from linear to circular with a loss of 3dB :)

    I prefer to use as less as possible dielectrical material in the radiation pattern.

    There is loss enough by the copper tube, need not more....

    73 de Robert

    Yes, I understand.

    In my experiments I used warm rolled copper tube from model making. The tube is softer and stays in the shape as you bend it.

    The support structure will have little effect on 2.4 GHz. On 10.5 GHz, however, depending on the phase position, it will have an extreme effect, since the signal must enter the dielectric and exit it again, experiencing refraction twice. And that on each side.

    You may be able to rotate the support construction so that the lowest attenuation errors occur with the polarization used (H or V).

    You can also try this with TV-Sat at home.

    and when I come to Europe, I'll test which one works better and use that.

    ... You don't need to wait for your trip to the EU, you can see and measure the attenuation on 3cm by the helix on every TV satellite. .... and optimize if necessary.


    I think the goal of Dominique was that all settings are taken over "on the fly" by the PLUTO. An "apply" or save settings in the flash memory of the PLUTO is not good, because this always leads to malfunctions.

    But maybe Dominique himself can explain us how the process should be?

    73 de Robert

    Not mandatory. The TS can transmit a value which is not necessarily used by the roll off filter in the DVB-S2 encoder.

    At least this is the case in the MiniTioune software in combination with F5OEO firmware.

    With the hardare solution used in DOHA, you can assume that the rolloff value supplied in the TS is also used in the DVB-S2 encoder.

    73 de Robert


    not sure, because the Minitioune soft read out the rolloff value which is transmitted with the TS. Did not really measure the rolloff.

    73 de Robert

    For example the F5OEO Firmware 1602

    the PLUTO output pwr makes a jump from about 5 dB between SR500 and SR510

    PLUTO v32
    pluto.frm 1602 (F5OEO)

    VV class A/B 1W

    SR PLUTO slider VV output
    25 -4 dB 10mW
    53 -4 dB 15mW
    66 -4 dB 23mW
    125 -4 dB 23mW
    250 -4 dB 24mW
    500 -4 dB 24mW
    510 -4 dB 85mW
    1000 -4 dB 85mW
    1500 -4 dB 90mW
    2000 -4 dB 90mW
    2500 -4 dB 90mW

    Hello all,

    you must specify the F5OEO firmware version and the SR used!

    Different filters are used depending on the firmware version and symbol rate, so the performance (for DATV) can be up to 15dB different!!!!

    73 de Robert, DD4YR

    Hallo zusammen,

    vielleicht ein kleiner Tipp:

    Die MiniTioune Software krallt sich immer einen kompletten Kern aus den CPU Kernels. Will man jetzt mehrere Anwendungen gleichzeitig laufen lassen, dann macht es Sinn eine CPU mit möglichst vielen Kernen zu verwenden. Geschwindigkeit ist sekundär.

    In meinem Fall läuft Minitioune im Kern 11. In Summe ist dadurch die CPU wenig ausgelastet, und ich bin somit in der Lage mit 12 Kernels OBS, ffmpeg, usw. bis hin zur SDR-Console alles gleichzeitig laufen zu lassen und hab nur 60% CPU Auslastung in Summe.

    Schaut euch mal die aktuelle Auslastung eurer Kernels an, mit und ohne MiniTioune ....

    Übrigens, es läuft auch MiniTioune noch problemlos mit 0,9 GHz Taktfrequenz .....

    73 de Robert