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    Drew KO4MA wrote...

    Just to clarify, we can neither fix the batteries or software. The time is to come up with a plan to manage what little life is left. It is unlikely that any mode we choose to run lasts more than an orbit or two.

    73, Drew KO4MA

    I'm curious what will come out. Or did we lose him? 73s Rico


    i become this mail via Amsat-UK from

    Ciemon G0TRT

    I see this morning that Drew Glasbrenner K04MA has turned the AO-92

    transmitter off completely in order to come up with a plan to fix the sat's

    battery and software issues. I guess this will have a knock on effect onto

    the other FM sat's.

    There also seems to be a call for it to come back in "permanent" L/V mode

    which will no doubt raise a few eyebrows.

    73´s de Rico DO3ASE

    hallo Enrico,

    schön das Du es getan hast. An Deinem Bild sehe ich das Du auch Hubi fliegt. Ich habe einen 550 Align.

    Gruß Ulrich

    Ja, passt zwar nicht hier rein aber kurz zur Erklärung, links bei meinem Sohn ein Blade 300CFX und ich mit einem Goblin 380 Speedmonster ;)

    Zum Thema zurück, ist die Software Opensouce?

    73´s Enrico

    Hello dear OMs,

    I have also joined in and would like to share what I use.

    Yaesu FT991 - DXPatrol - 2W PA.

    As damping I use 10m RG213 and 6m RG58.

    Various damping elements from -1 to -10dB on a

    5.5 windings self-built Helix antenna on a 1.2m Offsetdish.

    RX Octagon Quad Mod 25Mhz TCXO ext. Lo.

    RTL SDR V3 and SDR Console and WJST-X

    -22dB I have done and let's see if I can still create the -23dB ;)

    Enjoy everyone with the experiment.

    73's de Enrico DO3ASE