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    Thought IU2KAC wants the Pluto in his LAN. Then the hardware is the wrong one. Thats why i posted before, but now it looks that he just wanted to extend the USB, then its ok.

    About extender:

    I tested an extender too , bought it for the LimeSDR.

    It´s a direct connection like USB, but with an Network cable as extension .

    The Pluto/Lime or whatever isn´t available in the network like it is if connected via a USB / LAN Adapter to your local network, cause it isn´t in the network. (Lime does not support direct LAN)

    My adapter as passive (without 5V extern) and worked over 5m LAN cable without problems. Took a standard CAT7 cable between, without configuration and it works. While the LimeSDR supports USB3 and my adapter don´t , i stopped experimenting.

    In my opinion, on a Pluto, the USB/LAN solution makes more sense if you already have a LAN. Then the pluto is from everywhere available, from Smartphone, tablet, PC, notebook etc. Also if you have a "server" running or super fast internet, from the WAN. The bandwidth is massive it needs, don´t forget that.

    Maybe you wanna try USB/LAN with your pluto IU2KAC...

    sorry that i write in english. Also not my mother language but much better than my italiano :)

    Have a good time and stay safe!


    I can´t read the first post but i think he tryes to config PLUTO for LAN usage.

    You are using the wrong Hardware!
    This is a USB Extender , not a USB / LAN Adapter.

    It´s to make a USB "longer" via LAN cable . Not to adapt LAN via USB.



    Trägt nur indirekt zum Thema bei, wollte aber auch kein neues aufmachen.

    Letzte Woche mit einem Quad / Quattro HQ Green experimentiert und leider seit langem gleich 2 "Wobbler" erwischt. Erst LNB Nummer 3 lief Problemlos. Dies war ein "Nachbau" aus dem Hause HB Electronic, die übrigens noch etwas günstiger sind als die Octagon und das Innenleben ist 1zu1.

    Falls Ihr also Probleme haben solltet, nehmt das Nächste :)


    are you using N Connectors with that ring on the backside?
    If yes, change them.

    I had massive problems with them and nothing worked. Also with too high resonances and no "double dip" - bending whatever didn´t help. I soldered 4 POTYS with different sizes and distances trying to fix it. After I kicked them to 08/15 Ns and viola spot on all POTYs i have build.

    The dimensions are ok in your picture.



    Over the last 2 months I worked on the amp, original designed by PA3AXA, Rens.

    After eliminating all problems and a lot of optimizing after pimping the amp, I am proud to say: It´s done.

    The "next" version of this amp is running smooth and cold, with less current, lower Voltage but much more gain.

    Gain: 60dB , up to 66dB (minimum ~55dB)

    Rated constant output: 20W (SingleTone)

    Max Out: 30W but thats overkill even with low currents!

    Max input: ~15dBm! (Pluto has +3dBm @100% drive)

    It´s super linear up to 80% of its power. Hope Matthias DD1US can catch a sample to go deeper into measurements than i can do with my siglent SSA3032X analyzer. But psst, he doesn´t know that :)

    The plan is to build up to 15 pieces. Ready to use with 12V + 24V (22-28V).
    The 12V can be used as PTT or running 24/7. The heat with low currents isn´t high.

    Its mounted on a heatsink but for long term use, you should place a fan on the heatsink.

    If you are interested write me an email: (please give me 1 2 days for answer)

    I hope to update my homepage soon with more informations and pictures + Videos of the measurements.

    Here are some pictures: while the minimum of my TG is -20dBm I inserted an extra 10dB attenuator.

    the PCB

    Case all will be build


    MAXIMUM Output with -13dBm input!

    After 10 minutes passic cooling @20W constant output sweep

    I first have to make a picture from the repaired one.

    The "old" one is no longer in use while the PCB traces burned after more than 35W on DATV....

    I received a different Amp with the "same" problem.

    The problem was quick found . It has nothing do to with the doherty or what ever. There are small 10Ohm R between the 28V and the Bias of each Transistor and they were "burned" . They are not complete dead, they are 50kOhm and so the voltage is wide too low.

    I soldered in new 10Ohms (5 on this one here) and the complete amp is working excelent. Nothing on the doherty was changed!

    Measure them on yours and i hope it´s the same on your side. You can measure them inside the AMP, no need to desolder them . 10Ohm or 50kOhm is a wide range and your Multimeter can this :)

    Have a nice weekend

    Um nochmal etwas von einem sehr frühen Post aufzugreifen: MegaSAT LNB

    Benutze selbst in einem Setup das MegaSAT Twin bzw. Quad Diavolo ( Diablo ) LNB. Beides sind PLL LNBs und haben in meinen Augen einen tollen Vorteil, wenn man auf externe Referenz "umbauen" möchte.

    Beim MegaSAT LNB sitzt der Quarz direkt mittig zwischen den F Buchsen (bei der Twin Variante). Dadurch ist es sehr leicht möglich, eine F Buchse zu kapern und für externe Speisung zu missbrauchen. F Buchse von der Platine getrennt, kleines C und 1,5cm Kabel zum Quarz, fertig ist die Huckepack Lösung fertig. Platine muss dazu nicht aus dem Gehäuse!

    Der LNB läuft dann entweder auf dem internen Quarz, oder wird ab einem externen Signal von -20dBm "überstimmt" und steht so gut Eure externe Referenz ist.



    Here is my video about the 0.2ppm muRata TCXO change on a small PCB...

    Also the much easier GND Mod for LAN use.

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    Are you really paying 4€ per qsl?

    I know , a stupid question but I must ask.

    But what is more interesting for me: if yes, why?


    the amp burned all PCB trace behind the combiner after 30 seconds on DATV with ~35W.

    Flo tried to repair it but was not able to do. Now it´s running only on 1 Transistor and running ~35W with very bad efficency.

    I modified myself another one and this one is doing 150W @ 28V @ 16A without any problems.



    Old Post


    Today i got the PA from DB8TF - Flo back . Amazing.

    Pictures #225

    First QSO was with Flo and its fantastic. For SSB it´s quick too much power with my 1.2m dish. I think it´s easy to trigger LeiLA , we didn´t!

    In KG-STV super clear Eye-diagram.

    After i figured out how to stream the small ksyms, i´m good for some DATV :)

    Thanks again Flo. Surprise follows!