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    I can confirm...

    I have now 2x these UMTS working..

    First one i damaged the coupler..

    But with the second i prepared the the output with additional SMA..

    And i use to measure my output for reference..

    Be aware, the output can really change if output is not 50Ohms..

    I have seen more than 50% difference in output due to bad connectors witch off cause don't show on the referenced output.


    We got a few of these LPT04H lnb and the y show something strange.

    When connected to 1 port it all seems good, bit high in the noise but very reasanoble..

    But when i connect the 2nd port i and give power on that port the first port looses 3dB or more..

    The freqency of the first port also changes..

    There is no different witch port i start with but when connecting the second port to either NB (pluto) or WB (Minitiouner) the signals go bad on both ports.

    The bias voltage is from the same source and just lowerd with some resistors and diodes...

    Anny idea's...


    Hi, I have same problem with 25Mhz generated by Si 5351 by GPSDO. Is there already a solution to the problem? I'll be glad if you can share it.

    Best regards

    Rumen LZ1JH

    Well, NO..

    I left completely the path of GPSDO and am using a 25Mhz TCXO with an extra 5 stage 25MHz Xtall-filter.

    This gives me pretty stable results finalizing with the beacon lock.

    Still have the GPSDO with DDS and SI5351 but not using them..



    Hi, I have same problem with 25Mhz generated by Si 5351 by GPSDO. Is there already a solution to the problem? I'll be glad if you can share it.

    Best regards

    Rumen LZ1JH

    (in) decent behavior.

    This letter is most likely not for YOU as we are respect full hams and follow the QO-100 rules to the letter. But then, if the world a perfect place this letter would not be written.

    A group of hams did something great and created a wonderful medium we now call QO-100.

    A nice new feature to our hobby witch already gave lots of old hams a wakeup call, and provided a lot of nice QSO’s.:love:

    But old habits seem to overshadow the novity of the Es-Hail and shortwave rules where the strongest gets the most seems to be more and more the case on QO-100.

    And if someone disagree, :evil:he just starts to disturb others with sirens and text remarks or other wide band signals. The more power the better!!!!

    We call them pirates but are they really or is this just how humanity works these days.

    :/It seems RESPECT is lost when a special call is on air. We do not wait our turn but just turn up the power a bit…

    8|When we hear a special Call in QSO, we do not wait till he actually calls for CQ but just start screaming our call…

    :whistling:We do not check if frequencies are free when we want to test our amp or antenna

    8oWhen we tune to a frequency, we use full power.

    I really understand if someone is testing and got not everything perfect but we have the great possibility to check our signals via the webSDR websites all over the world.

    I really understand if someone is testing a new communication mode as this it all what our wonderful hobby is about. But we all know the QO-100 bandplan and where we conduct these tests.

    :saint:Please I strongly ask you, Have RESPECT.:saint:

    Lots of novity Calls get completely scared to just call CQ. Lots of them are like us in the beginning, just happy it works. Most of them are technicians and not experienced contest boomers, not used to do some pileup management. They will answer a CQ call and the quickly change the frequency.

    73es Benno, PA3FBX.

    Hi, quickly wanted to let you know that i've just ordered myself an Adalm Pluto :D

    I'll try to add support to the demod gui the week before christmas.

    Also, one of my goals is to implement LDPC decoding with multiple CPU cores.



    Here also volunteer for pluto beta test.


    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the info.

    Never found 2.0.10 yet but got a version 2.0.11 received thanks to PE1ANS.

    Was not a improvement, most likely me used to work with 2.0.12 to much resulting in better signals.

    In the mean time i got a pluto Adalm and worked with that on the NB..

    This results in no DATV activity as pluto is not supported in this DVB-S software..

    Did lots of improvements on the reception part witch may result in better working of the DATV.

    So i will fire up the RTL stick this weekend and do some more tests...

    Best regards


    thanks for your input.

    i have running here 2 different dds and 2different si5351 units.. running on arduino or pic contollers. all have the same problem. to same type lnb,s with same 25hmz input. all running fine on gpsdo.

    i have an old 500mhz spectrum analyzer and a old scope . i may be able to check amplutide rimpels. have no clue how to analize the rest..

    gathering more ideas...


    Danke Heiner,

    I allready expected the squarewave harmonics problem. therefore i build low and high pass filters but not with a xtals filter yet

    i ordered a bunch of xtals on ebay for testing the idea. in the mean time i wonder why others make multipliers out of 10mhz connect it to there lnb, and don't say annything of this problem. the multiplies must have squarewave output as well..

    i know the si5351 output is really dirty but i was not expectiing harmonics every 800hz...

    Well, to be continued,....


    hi, i have an unclear problem to me. I have sdr console running with RTL stick and receive eshail great. But to stabilize the lnb i made 25 MHz input. IT works fine with gpsdo from a local ham.

    But when connecting dds or si5351 running 25mhz i get sideband spikes every 800hz. Check pict..

    Note the left waterfall is the NB cw beacon .

    With xtal driven lnb its normal 1 spike and with dds or si5351 8 Spikes..

    I tried raising and lowering 25mhz Signal strength and tried low and high Pass Filtering..

    But the 8 spikes Stay..

    Beacon signal is between 30 and 35 dB.. Noise floor is ok..

    Any Idea beside buying other stuff is Welcome .


    Try dvbs-gui.

    SDR angel works here in ssb and has also dvb s2 but i was not able to decode the beacon yet. Never got propper constellation...

    dvb S- gui works and got the beacon and several other vids but very unstable and a bitch to setup sofare.....

    Hi all, New to the forum but an old ham here...

    @ Markro92 Kann du ein alteren version auch online bringen.

    Ich wurde gerne 2.10 oder 2.11 au mal versuchen weil 2.12 functioniert aber sehr instabiel.

    Lauft hier on RTL stick und win 10 mit 1 meter spiegel..

    Vielen dank fur die vielllllle arbeit, aber es freud uns vieeeeeellllll...

    73es Benno