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    Hi Peter,

    before all thank you for your nice job with the Amsat-Dl team, about effort to bring us in space. There's a growing enthusiasm on the capability of the new satellite, for the ham-sat community. We're all hungry of news (hope in good news), and for this reason someone, sometimes exceed in the requests (I'm in this group :) ).

    Anyway it's necessary to be patient and i strongly suggest to my colleagues to respect sat guidelines, appeared in the forum and in Amsat-DL pages.

    Thanks again for your effort.



    PS And thanks also to QUARS for the hospitality.

    Dear WB-Users,

    I searched a channel to buy MiniTioune, Hardware from F6DZP, but it's necessary to be a member of BATC or REF.

    Is There a channel to buy hardware avoid to be a member of one organization ?

    Thank you very much for the reply.


    Lucio, I remember an article (may be I8CVS RIP), about this argument. He said that "the position of the LHCP feeder is with the corresponding focus, on the plate reflector of the helix ant". The right place may be # 2, and is more simple to manage, for the installation.

    In my opinion the difference in gain between the two configuration are irrelevant, but only an istruments can get punctual measure about it.


    Dear friends,

    there's a discussion about the SAT receiver about the capability to receive RB DATV signal from the trasponder.

    After i have been watched BATC CAT 16 Video's by jean Pierre Courjaud, for me it's clear that under 1 Ms rate, a standard receciver has problem to receive, isn't it ?

    In this case the best solution for receive RB signal is MiniTioune SW combined with the dedicated receiver.

    I just need a confirmation about it.

    Thank for reading and for your answers.



    Hi dear,

    seems all ok, congratulation to Space-x for the successful launch, and thank you very much to all the amsat-dl team, for their effort to bring us in space.

    This is a very beautiful night for all satellite radio-ham !

    I'm looking forward to do my first QSO on P4A !

    Best regards.