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    Honestly, it does somehow not make sense to me...

    The only reason why someone would "encrypt" something is for hiding and obfuscation or what would be the purpose otherwise?

    I dont think I am just interpretating it in a way that is helpful to Amateurs, its clear (from the regulation) that the often repeated myth that Amateurs cannot use encryption (in the UK) is not true ....................................

    Well, I'm not promoting this proprietary stuff in any way...

    I'm really curious about how to deal with it.

    Also how some people can claim it's legal in their country? Anything official or written available?

    I was giving a talk recently on the use of 2.4Ghz LoRa and ranging, this issue came up.

    Its perhaps interesting to read what the UK regulations say about the use of encryption;

    11(2)(b) of the UK Amateur license Terms, conditions and limitations says;

    “Messages sent from the station shall not be encrypted for the purposes of rendering the Message unintelligible to other radio spectrum users”

    Which seems clear, you can use encryption as long as the 'purpose' is not to make the message unintelligible to other radio spectrum users. If encrption were not to be permitted at all it would be easy for the regulations to say so.

    Most amateurs would use LoRa for the 'purposes' of long distance low power communications, not to prevent outhers reading the messages.

    The UK regulations also quote in several places where you must not use encryption, such as some circumstances when sending messages to other countries. If there are times when you must not use encryption, it must otherwise be permitted.

    So even if you take a somewhat perverse view that the LoRa encoding which can be read using open source equipment, is still encrypted, then at least in the UK its use is permitted anyway.