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    Hi I got a new H.265 encoder box as seen in the picture. It seems higher quality and more options that the previous one, although still did not figure out how to get it streaming to Pluto since it has many other parameters to configure, if someone has it running with Pluto could provide some guidance would be much appreciated.


    Ed - PY2RN

    I keep using my Excel spreadsheets, it is very quick and simple. Then I can export the QSOs for any Log software (I use DX Keeper) or upload it directly to eQSL r LoTW, other advantage is that Excel spreadsheet is very portable, so when using another computer or even a cell phone to log the qsos you can run Excel easy.

    Hello all,

    the QO-100 World DATV Net is in place for several weeks now, if you have DATV tx capability please join us just to say a hello or if you have something to present feel free. It can be in any language, although if you know English language please use it. The most important is to see your images! :)

    SAT/SUN at 13:00UTC on the last slot 10.499.250 SR:333 FEC:2/3 QPSK, if slot busy use the immediate previous one.

    Please take few seconds to answer this question:…ww-datv-net-should-happen

    Thank you


    Still regarding this exaggerating discussion regarding the audio going a little further than 2.7Khz or 2.8 (note that I am not extrapolating it to intermod which is a technical issue and must be fixed) , in the old times of AO-13, 10 and 40 this discussion was practically inexistent and everybody was happy.

    HB9SKA cool, yes, there are some interpretations, such as the origin of "HAM".

    Here 73 means hugs, believe it or not.

    So 73s + 88s for all pretty YLs!

    and 36.5 to all ugly OMs out there :D

    Regarding the audio bandwidth the police should put back their legacy analog receivers and forget SDR, so they would not be psychologically affected and be so rude with others.

    Regarding the 73s, I believe this comes from the Masonry culture of the 73 x 3 or triple fraternal 73 as they say.


    Well. I got a clear response through AD Support Community about this issue.


    Hi Ed,

    You can find the list of WiFi adapters compiled in the Pluto kernel here:…figs/zynq_pluto_defconfig

    As you can see driver for Realtek 8188EU is included but for Realtek 8812BU and Realtek 8811CU there are no drivers in 4.19 kernel version used by Pluto. I think that even in latest version of kernel there is no support in mainline for those chipsets.

    So the only solution is to compile on your own, using one of the git repos, the driver required for the 5Ghz chipsets.

    Or find on the pluto defconfig a chipset that is already supported and use that.




    The good news is that Evariste F5OEO is aware and will try to implement Realtek 8812BU in his next fw release for Pluto :)

    Hi plutonians,

    about connecting Adalm Pluto wi-fi...... Despite the information below:…otg_host_function_support

    The tests I made with Realtek chipsets results:

    Realtek 8811CU dual 2.4/5GHz NO

    Realtek 8812BU dual 2.4/5GHz NO

    Realtek 8188FTV 2.4GHz only NO

    Realtek 8188EU 2.4GHz only OK

    Only last one worked (550K max bw). Does anyone tested with another chipset, I am particular interested on a dual band wi-fi since 5GHz

    allows much higher bandwidth.

    73. Ed. PY2RN.

    Hi G0MJW thanks, yes the audio is a chapter apart that I am still working on, force H.265 compliant box is checked otherwise my image appears grey distorted, regarding the overriding issue I erased the h265 box ip addr so it is going through multicast mainstream udp, I noticed the throughput got worse.


    Hi, trying to implement "poor man H.265 encoding solution" using these H.265 Encoder Box available from AliExpress.

    Using Pluto with latest alpha 2908 firmware version from F5OEO, even following the good guide by F5UII the images are going out OK but still struggling to get the audio out. Some points intrigues me:

    1.As soon as Pluto boots up it overrides the previous configuration saved in the H.265 encoder box to this shown in picture A, so I need manually to change the config back as shown in picture B. Is there any way to avoid it?

    2. Also when Pluto boots up it already starts with PTT ON, is it possible to change this condition on start?

    3. Using the UDP option as described in F5OEO documentation page (picture C) it would be an option to the HDMI connection or it is necessary to be configured anyways? My H.265 box here would not accept Sub-Stream set, only main-stream when Pluto is connected (picture D) or we must change something in the H.264/H.265 Control menu? (Figure E)

    Thanks and sorry for excess of pictures, next time better I make a movie! :)


    DD0KP Heiner, deleting the callsign did not solve but it helped someway to monitor the problem between the variations it shows: blank, py2rn, unassigned and nocall.

    In my case loading the original v0.31 pluto.frm AND boot.frm then f5oeo beta for the brave solved the issue and Pluto TX is normal now.



    Ed PY2RN