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    What can cause the carrier lock level to not be as high as expected?

    I noticed that my carrier lock level is sometimes lower than expected for the signal level we see on the spectrum. Sometimes 40-50 even 30-40 other times 70-80 (mostly at nights).

    Comparing with signals of equal level, my D value is lower in relation to another signal of the same level and FEC, the difference can be even 1 unit of D.

    At images below you can see my signal at different times has very different values considering the same configuration.

    I've already checked the connection cables and everything is well connected and of good quality.

    I have been discussing this effect with friends but we have not yet been able to identify the reason for this variation in the level of my Carrier Lock, which means that my D is not even the most suitable for the signal level I get on the satellite.

    My setup is 2m dish prime focus, DATV easy 3.05 poty.

    All comments are valid and welcome, this is not a big issue, just trying to understand what this happens and what make your Carrier higher at satellite.

    73 de CT7ABD Fabiano

    Hello Bert,

    Should I "revive" this thread a bit pse...

    I finished my setup for DATV with Pluto and OBS, etc. Streaming ans work in local test at the desk, need some ajustments but that will be done.

    Read tons of post on the internet about H.265 record in OBS to send to Pluto, but I´m a bit confused and lost and need some guidance.

    Can you or other friend help me a bit to guide me to how set my OBS for H.265 video to send to pluto?
    I have a powerful computer with RTX 2080 Super Ghraphic Card that suport H.265 codec, and I want to use it instead to spend more 95€ in a box encoder if I can use my computer.

    Can someone share their settings that are working today?


    73 and good 2023 for all.

    de CT7ABD


    It was a nightmare, but I have notepad after get sucess, this is my notes:

    fw_setenv refclk_source external

    fw_setenv ad936x_ext_refclk "<50000000>"

    pluto_reboot reset

    73 de CT7ABD

    Worked like a charm ! :thumbup:

    Now let come back and try againd to set it to External Ref. and clock of 50MHz

    I see manny diferent commands to achieve that, can please confirm that I can use this:

    a) Set to External clock:
    fw_setenv refclk_source external

    b) Define the frequency:
    fw_setenv ad936x_ext_refclk ‘<50000000>’

    Should change config.txt file also or not?

    Tnx de CT7ABD


    I'm setting up my QO-100 station and everything was working perfectly for reception for few weeks only since the SG Labs preamp and amplifier still haven't arrived.

    After connecting and installing the U.FL-SMA plug and inserting the commands to change the reference signal to "external" from the LeoBodnar GPS, my adalm-pluto no longer accepts connections over the network with the SDR-Console. I also unable to connect via direct USB to PC although I have access via ssh with putty to the IP.

    I use LeoBodnar GPS with lowest output power and 50MHz clock that go to Frequency Divider board that I build to get 25MHz for LNB as well.

    I've been trying to find help on the internet for 1 day, but nothing seems to work, and I need help if any friends here can help.

    I collected the diagnostic log and the result of some commands, which I leave below:


    Welcome to:

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    | |_/ / |_ _| |_ ___ \ `--.| | | | |_/ /

    | __/| | | | | __/ _ \ `--. \ | | | /

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    \_| |_|\__,_|\__\___/\____/|___/ \_| \_|


    # fw_printenv | grep correction


    # fw_printenv attr_name


    # fw_printenv attr_val


    # fw_printenv | grep correction



    them I run this command: iio_info -n pluto.local

    Library version: 0.24 (git tag: v0.24)

    Compiled with backends: local xml ip usb serial

    ERROR: Avahi Resolver: Failed to resolve host 'pluto.local' : Timeout reached

    IIO context created with network backend.

    Backend version: 0.24 (git tag: v0.24)

    Backend description string: Linux (none) 5.10.0-98231-g9dfba10b795d #54 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 11 14:38:48 CEST 2022 armv7l

    IIO context has 9 attributes:

    hw_model: AnalogDevicesPlutoSDRRev.C(Z7010-)

    hw_model_variant: 1

    hw_serial: 1044734c9605000d17001c00deb64fe162

    fw_version: v0.35



    local,kernel: 5.10.0-98231-g9dfba10b795d

    uri: ip:pluto.local


    IIO context has 1 devices:

    iio:device0: xadc

    10 channels found:

    voltage5: vccoddr (input)

    2 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: raw value: 1821

    attr 1: scale value: 0.732421875

    voltage0: vccint (input)

    2 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: raw value: 1373

    attr 1: scale value: 0.732421875

    voltage4: vccpaux (input)

    2 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: raw value: 2451

    attr 1: scale value: 0.732421875

    temp0: (input)

    3 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: offset value: -2219

    attr 1: raw value: 2622

    attr 2: scale value: 123.040771484

    voltage7: vrefn (input)

    2 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: raw value: -4

    attr 1: scale value: 0.732421875

    voltage1: vccaux (input)

    2 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: raw value: 2451

    attr 1: scale value: 0.732421875

    voltage2: vccbram (input)

    2 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: raw value: 1375

    attr 1: scale value: 0.732421875

    voltage3: vccpint (input)

    2 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: raw value: 1370

    attr 1: scale value: 0.732421875

    voltage8: (input)

    2 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: raw value: 3287

    attr 1: scale value: 0.244140625

    voltage6: vrefp (input)

    2 channel-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: raw value: 1702

    attr 1: scale value: 0.732421875

    1 device-specific attributes found:

    attr 0: sampling_frequency value: 961538

    No trigger on this device


    My config.txt file is:

    # AnalogDevicesPlutoSDRRev.C(Z7010-AD9363)

    # Device Configuration File

    # 1. Open with an Editor

    # 2. Edit this file

    # 3. Save this file on the device USB drive

    # 4. Eject the device USB Drive

    # Doc:…s/pluto/users/customizing


    hostname = pluto

    ipaddr =

    ipaddr_host =

    netmask =


    ssid_wlan =

    pwd_wlan =

    ipaddr_wlan =


    ipaddr_eth =

    netmask_eth =


    xo_correction = 50000000

    udc_handle_suspend = 0

    # USB Communication Device Class Compatibility Mode [rndis|ncm|ecm]

    usb_ethernet_mode = 0


    diagnostic_report = 0

    dfu = 0

    reset = 0

    calibrate = 0


    I have attached the diagnostic file.

    Any way to roll back the Pluto for Factory defauls settings or RESET everything to default and start again from scratch?

    Appologize for long post, I understand is quite boring to read this kinds of posts, I learned a lot here before decided to build my own QO-100 Station, and I have help from some of you too.

    Appreciate your time if you read until here. Hope to have my Pluto back.

    73 CT7ABD