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    As a matter of fact?

    Yes. The worst offsets I have in my FT8 log are -2.6 seconds and +2.5 seconds.

    There's also still some opportunity for latency optimization.

    With clever coding that can be reduced.

    I have a prototype SSB modulator with ~62ms latency working, which is running directly on the PlutoSDR. But I don't think such drastic measures are actually needed for practical usage of FT8.

    I've used these antennas in the past for WiFi use.

    I measured a +19dB signal increase when switching one side from an omni-directional antenna to a "24dBi grid" antenna like that.

    The remaining 5dB are probably cable/adapter losses, measuring imperfections and the little bit of gain the lambda/4'th omni antenna had. But yeah, the claim seems reasonable.