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    I use the equipment:

    1.2 m wide feed antenna

    TX: Sdrangel limesdr + 2.4 gPA (10 w adjustable), burned the last stage power amplifier of PA yesterday, only 10 w the cw output.

    RX: Airspy + SDRSharp.

    2.4 G & 10 G one feed

    Tests show that the cw mode, 1 to 2 w'll see repeater downward.SSB model needs more than 7 w.

    I have a bad LNB frequency drift, visible to the naked eye of speed on the cheap.Maybe I should give a temperature compensated crystal PLL replacement.

    My QTH, antenna elevation 12 degrees.I'm curious 90 cm antenna can work.

    Hope can with more friends in QO100 nice QSO.If you hear BG0AUB call, please try to reduce your speed to speak.Because my English is very bad.

    Thank the friends give me encouragement, without you I might not be able to get up the courage to call CQ for the first time.Especially thank PA3FYM.Your patience gave me QSO QO - 100 for the first time.

    73 from BG0AUB

    My callsign is: BG0AUB) from xinjiang, China.An accidental discovery, let me know the Eshail2. PA - 4. QO - 100. These things make me fascinated.After more than two months of preparation, I seem to be ready for all of the devices.In early February, copy the beacon success.Today, I'm ready to 2.4 g of uplink devices.Plan on the weekend on my first QO100 trip.

    My concern is that the biggest problem is the language barrier.Maybe I can translate software through the Internet and find information and exchange in the BBS and you, but I can't speak English.It is difficult to solve this problem.Maybe use digital communication mode can avoid the language barrier.So which digital communications mode should I use?I don't know what popular digital communication mode is now...

    I according to own understanding to the equipment.LimeSDR + 2.4 G PA (20 w), DIY Minitioune, RTL_SDR, AirSPY, HACKRF, with 1.2 m antenna.Software: sdrangel (NB) Express DVB Transmitter (WB).Maybe I will meet all kinds of problems, but I'm enjoying it, fascinates me and happy.

    Maybe I could become the first Chinese HAM on QO100 do QSO.

    I am a good electronic enthusiasts, but is not a good ham.

    Please ignore my grammar mistakes, because it is caused by translation software:).thank you

    73 form BG0AUB


    Maybe it is easier for you because you are from China as well...

    I normally get no response when mailing far-East companies with enquiries about products or request for datasheets in English language. (at different companies)

    However this is an interesting part. I still have a Dream Multimedia DM-8000 which has plugin slots for extra tuners. I could try to get such a tuner work in that box, would be much more convenient that viewing through a PC.

    Each other.Each other...

    When I supplier of China no longer, I treated the same as you...Ha ha

    [user ='250'] zhaofeng [/ user]你是否有能够以2400 MHz频率上行卫星的窄频带?

    SDRangel+LimeSDR+2.4G PA

    Can you tell the source for the FTS- 4334 lv to buy ?

    I emailed SERIT manufacturers.Received enthusiastic response.And bought two FTS4334LV..You can try

    Sales Manager

    TEL: 86-755-26508927/26504227/26505315
    FAX: 86-755-26505315
    MOBILE PHONE: 86-13684913317
    QQ: 318446387

    Skype:haifei serit

    DIY MiniTiouner


    I bought two FTS - 4334 lv. Using universal circuit board made a MiniTiouner v2.Is easy to succeed.Thank you for all the people who create MiniTiouner.Is you let me feel the infinite pleasure.

    I want to do a survey here, including your use of the equipment include:
    This may bring such as introduction to a lot of help.thank you
    QTH:xinjiang china 43E 87N

    Antenna Angle (important) :12degree

    Type of antenna Diameter:1.2m Partial feed antenna

    LNB (10 G and 2.4 G) :dowlink sr-3602 uplink feed that is circularly polarised on 2.4 GHz

    UPlink mode power:SSB plan 20W


    During the vacation I debug the base station power amplifier, remove all of the filters and couplers, dismantled the power synthetic part of the device, in the late stage using only a MRF6S21100HS.Replace the circulator of 2400-2500.Now can be a very good job in 2.4 g.In the case of the input - 20 db can output power of 47 db.Now also need a good narrow-band chamber type filter.I bought two at a flea market, the hope can be adjusted to the needs of bandwidth.

    In order to solve the focus problem.I changed the connection part of the 2.4 G.3 d printing a conversion in diameter.

    I also made a small bell mouth guided wave tube.

    Made some different guided wave length of the tube.

    This is a book of vibration 10750 LNB, to do with the local oscillator leakage signal source.

    Take the LNB spectrometer can view just to 1 g signal (lo: 9750).


    Compared with no guided wave focusing device.LNB bellows can bring 5-6 db gain.Small bell can bring 2-3 db gain.

    So I decided to use only bell focusing.Es' hail - 2 signal strong enough.

    And return loss of the small bell mouth to 2.4 G feed without any image.This is the most important.

    Maybe this weekend I can put it on the butterfly antenna test.Hope everything goes well

    On the first day of the Chinese New Year, I tested the LNB with 2.4g feed added. There seems to be no problem except for the -3db attenuation... If there is no bellows section, it will bring -6db attenuation. Did not test the 2.4g return loss, just recorded the most stable position...