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    Hello All

    I found the soltion with HDSDR v2.8 and my IC-9700 using Omnirig v2.1 for the QO-100 SAT Operation :-)


    - SDRPlay RSP2 for Downlink 739 MHz (LNB with 25 MHz Ref-In)

    - IC-9700 as Transceiver for the Up-Link 431 MHz

    - Omnirig v2.10 for HDSDR v2.80

    - QO-100 Transverter from PE1CMO

    You need to install the the ExtIO_SDRplay_RSP2.dll for the SDRPlay RSP2…HDSDR_Installer_2.76a.exe

    HDSDR Offset Configuration in the Omnirig SAT Menu:

    - Options - CAT to Radio (Omni-Rig) - set Converter Offset

    - Options - RF Front-end Configuration

    Omnirig v2.10

    The whole QO-100 SAT Setup is on my website

    Best 73 de HB9RYZ



    I just got the new HDSDR v2.80 running with my SDRPlay RSP2 and with the new Omnirig v2.1 with my IC-9700.

    But I’m not able to set the up/dwon converter freq. correctly.

    If I use on my IC-9700 the freq. 431.740 MHz should be 10’489’740 MHz on QO-100.

    If I change the freq. manually on HDSDR to 739.740 MHz, I see all QO-100 QSOs 😊

    But how can I enable the up/down converter function?

    The offset should be: 739.740 MHZ

    Minus IC-9700 freq. - 431.740 MHz

    Offset: 308.00 MHz

    Best 73 de HB9RYZ


    @ Lucio

    Hi Lucio

    Thank you.

    The SDRPlay RSP2 is working with the correct ExtlO Plugin :-)

    Normally, I'm also using SDR Radio Console v3.0.22 with my IC-9700 and Omnirig v1.19

    The reason why I would like to use HDSDR v2.80 is the support of the new Omnirig v2.1.

    I'm using the IC-9700 with the Transverter from PE1CMO. So if I use 431.740 MHz on the IC-9700, it would be 10'489'740 MHZ on QO-100.

    I was not able to setup the up/down converter correct.

    Best 73 de HB9RYZ


    Hi All

    I have issues to connect my IC-9700 over USB Com Port 5 with SDR Radio console v3.0.17.

    I tried with Omnirig v1.19 but I'm not able to use my ICOM IC-9700 as an external Radio with SDR Radio console v3.0.17 in order to synchronize QO-100 with my IC-9700.

    I have no Idea why this is not working. It works with Log4OM over OmniRig or with the ICOM CS-9700 Programming Software.

    Who knows how this will work?

    What kind of settings are need within the SDR Radio Console?

    What kind of Omnirig INI-File is needed?

    Best 73, de HB9RYZ


    I have Logger32. It works fine and export data is accepted by LotW.

    You need to make some settings: Bandplan for 13cm, prop mode = SAT and sat name = QO-100.

    Hi Armin

    I already installed Logger32. But as I was importing my ADIF-File from HAM Office, Logger32 was not able to handle the freq. 2400 MHz. So no QSO was imported and I don't know where to tweak Logger32 to import my ADIF-File without any error.

    Thanks and 73 de HB9RYZ



    Hi Remco

    I know N1MM but I never got happy with this software - for contest OK.

    Perhaps at the end my choice if I don't find any other better log software.

    Thanks and 73 de HB9RYZ


    I am using XMLOG (works fine with Sat-logging e.g. for LOTW, eQSL....)

    Hi Johannes

    I just installed XMLOG on Windows 10. This software is a very old piece of software and the Window to enter the QSO is to small using on big screen. And I found no evidence of SAT-fields in the Log exept the freq. but not SAT-name and no SAT-PROP fields.

    So, this will be not my logbook program for the QO-100 QSOs

    Thanks and 73

    Wolfgang, HB9RYZ

    Hi All

    Thank you very much for your answer and tips :-)

    I'm using Log4om for short wave but would like to separate short wave and SAT.

    I'm now going to test these log programs and let know.

    73 de HB9RYZ


    Hi All

    But I was not able to see any DATV Video with this software and the VLC-Player :-(

    Is there a complete Quick-Quide how to do so?

    Why are developers in the HAM-Community never never write manuals how to use there own software - this is the missing USP.

    And let the users share how it works. Just a Quick-Quide in a PDF for dummies would be engough. But every time I have to collect all information our and our in the Internet - its just a waste of time for everybody.

    73 de HB9RYZ


    Hi All

    I downloaded the latest version on my Windows 10 (1903) PC.

    As soon I start the software, it will run 2 sec and than it freeze. The software will find my SDRPlay Duo 2 and I'm able to "open" the device.

    No idea why :-(

    It's always very frustrating that after a Windows 10 Update nothing is working anymore which is related to hamradio :-(

    73 de HB9RYZ


    Hi All

    I successfully tested yersterday my portable QO-100 SAT-Kit with a 30cm camping-dish.


    - MEGASAT Camping dish 30cm

    - Pluto SDR TCXO modified and in metal case by Sigi DG9BFC

    - Patch-Antenne and LNB TCXO modified by Sigi DG9BFC

    - 10-20W Amplifier (48-50dB Gain) with skyworks 65017 as preamp (20 dB gain) and mw4ic2230 (30-31 dB gain) as amplifier by Sigi DG9BFC

    - old Notebook Power Supply 19V and 4.74A

    - DC-DC Step Down Converter from DARC (19V --> 12V for LNB)

    - DC-DC Step Down Converter from China (19V --> 5V) for the Pluto SDR

    - SDR Console v3.0.13 with the beacon synchronization

    - No GPSDO necessary to stabilize the frequency

    Thanks to SIGI DG9BFC, who built the main parts and helped me to setup the solution with SDR Console v3.0.13 via a Teamviewer session online :-)

    So I receive the CW-Beacon with S8 or 25.9dB.

    More information soon on my website

    73 de HB9RYZ



    Thank you very much for your very detail post. I will go through your post and will decide after if I would gfo this route.

    Here is my current QO-100 Setup. The PE1CMO Transverter is used at the moment only for TX on 431 MHz.

    With thies soltution I'm able to work SSB and receive DATV with the MiniTiouner pro 2.

    The MER on the DATV Beacon is 7.2-7.3dB with my 1.25m dish.

    73 de HB9RYZ


    Hallo Wolfgang,

    ich habe 2 Goobay 67269 LNBs. Einer davon ist modifiziert und funktioniert sehr gut mit der externen Referenz. Der andere ist im Originalzustand und driftet langsam. Bei SSB muss man öfters nachstimmen. Ein schnelles Wobbeln kann ich nicht feststellen, die Sprachverständlichkeit würde ich daher als gut bezeichnen. Schmalbandige Betriebsarten sind aber ohne Modifikation nicht machbar. Den LNB habe ich vor ein paar Tagen bei Pollin gekauft, Preis aktuell 3,15EUR.

    Hallo, ich habe auch noch einen neuen GooBay LNB, kenne aber niemand, welcher dieer modifiziern könnte, so dass er stabil bleibt.

    73 de HB9RYZ


    Thanks - this is a very elegant soution with a twin-LNB. Where can I buy such a twin LNB where is one port modofied to use the PE1CMO Transverter?

    73 de HB9RYZ