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    PA3FYM Not so easy! On top of the fifty foot cliff are another forty or so feet of trees which are never trimmed or cut down and I have no access to them.

    I can 'see' the satellite from across the road in front of the house but it is public land and would mean power and radio cables crossing a public road.

    I cannot get far enough back inside the front garden to get the direction. My neighbour's house is in the way ...

    Believe me, I have tried every possible way to approach the solution. I need to move houses but it not quite that simple!

    @G6AYC Thanks for the suggestion. Believe me, I have looked at all ways to sort the issue.

    If I put it on their 'structure' (and I haven't had any issue with them allowing me to use it to attach my OCFD etc. to the trees) it would need to be at least 20m high to 'see' over the trees on top of the cliffs all the way along. It would then give me a cabling headache. If you could see on a map the direction that I need then you will see that it cannot work - in fact is is worse! If anything, getting further away at the front would be an advantage.

    I don't want to hijack this thread with my site problems so I will consider the matter closed - unless someone is interested in buying my PE1CMO setup.

    PA3FYM - The issue is that I have a fifty foot chalk cliff right behind my house. (here is what my neighbours did with it: "Stairway to Heaven").

    In order to 'see' Es'hail2, I need to elevate a dish (1m, offset) at least 3m (better yet 4m) above the roof of the house. When I was having the survey done, one of my neighbours (not the one in the article) said that were worried about the danger of the dish falling and hurting somebody.

    They 'kindly' called the local council who sent a planning enforcement officer round to tell me that I was not allowed to have any structure above the roof line of the house. I cannot put it on the top of the cliff because I have no access to it so the whole G4NRT plan has had to be shelved!

    I am still installing a simpler (and much cheaper) system in Harare so Z21NRT should be QRV but G4NRT will have to wait until such time as I move houses!


    I have been forced (by local council regulations) to change my plans for my home QTH which means that a station at G4NRT is no longer viable.

    I bought almost the same equipment as Wolfgang from Rene. It has to be sold! It is:

    70cm Transverter

    12v & 30v Power Supplies

    PE1CMO modified LNB

    PY3FYM dual band feed.

    It will all go (in one lot) at cost price. Please email me (email on QRZ) if you're interested.


    Hmm, Charlie, you have given me something to think about. I have an unused Kuhne 10368/144 Transverter myself, which isn't being used. I also have a high gain preamp that goes 10318-10418.

    Did you see if you could receive the NB transponder on this transporter Iain? I also have a Kuhne MKU 10 G2 (the one with the 144Mhz IF). Will I be able to 'hear' the downlink?

    I have recently received an RX kit from DXPatrol (CT1FUU). It. contains an LNB and a 25Mhz reference box. The LNB box says LNB 21. This will be for the downlink of my Z21NRT station which should be on the air in about three weeks time.

    Has anyone used an LNB of this type and fitted it into one of the dual band feeds which are very popular (like the PY3FYM one for example). I do not want to risk damaging it if it is not modifiable.

    Otherwise, I am not sure how else to make a single dish solution for Zimbabwe. I am going to use a BU-500 up converter with a Chinese WiFi amplifier.

    I'd appreciate advice on making this type of LNB work with a dual feed or other suggestions to achieve a one-dish solution. I may have to buy a second Tx antenna (a 2.4ghx 24db grid antenna for example and I do have a 40 turn Wimo helix antenna which I was thinking of using. Most folks have put me off that idea simply because I will not have a strong enough signal.

    Thought please?

    73 de David (G4NRT & Z21NRT)

    I have no access to them. It's completely overgrown and impossible to get to. I tried climbing over from my neighbour's structure but I can't put anything there at all. Even then, I'd be in amongst the trees. Nice idea!

    Hmm hmm hmm... Is there free sight between the dish and sat then, after you payed the company ?

    Yes. I had the guy round to survey yesterday (for free!) and it is also how my neighbours that use Sky have their dishes erected. Because I am putting ups larger dish (1m offset) I need a stronger mast etc. to mount it on due to the wind etc.

    Here is the story of my next door neighbour and the enormous structure they built in their garden to accommodate the chalk cliffs!…rden--got-view-river.html

    G4NRT maybe do a quick on-the-air test first before packing it up. Just to be sure.

    If only it were that simple! I am having to get a professional satellite dish installer here to put the dish up for me. I have a huge 12m+ chalk cliff with trees above sitting immediately behind the house and between me and the satellite location. I have to pay the company a very high hourly rate plus VAT!

    The plan is that once I have everything I need together and I have been able to test as well as I can then they will visit and erect the dish (it will be on a 4m pole above the house at its highest point of the house). Then it will be trail and error with me in the shack and him fiddling at the dish ...

    What I may try to do is to see if I can get a bead onto the satellite from outside in the street and then put the dish onto a tripod to test it ... it will mean running the two dish cables across the road but that may be my only choice ...