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    Hallo , nog eens een guide /handleiding hier van mij in het nederlands.

    je moet inderdaad altijd eerst correct afstemmen met de software.

    dan onderaan midden goed blijven kijken als de sr gelijk blijft of ontspoord..

    de dunne gele fijne lijn moet zich zo goed mogelijk in het midden van de voledige gele /blauwe/oranje/ waterval bevinden.

    probeer eens een 333 ks te decoderen , gaat soms makkelijker dan het baken.

    dutch duide:…32u%20en%20amsat.pdf?dl=0

    i hope that someone can make a guide in portuguese /german/spanisch/italian/russian also....


    the official links on the other page's for dvbs-demod -gui are again working fine and no popups or redirections anymore to other url's

    thanks for solving the DNS issue ...

    73 Nico De Roo , on7ndr/ jo11sf /st-laureins belgium

    hello , dg7yeo

    Can you please test the mueller and muller filter instead of gardner filter for the beacon. center your frequency from beacon as good you can .

    keep also your eyes on actual symbolrate (under middle)

    when symbolrate is going higher , slightly go 1 symbolrate up and down. (stabilisation and reset)) time recovery

    the symbolrate must stay around 2000

    than try carier recovery .start with loop damping full to the right side

    give then gain intil you see constellation. then lower to 0 loop damping (ful left side)

    keep gain to loop gain to about 3... enable it...

    then as last step , choose the fec and then enable also the ldpc ...

    tip ,for all lower symbolrates use the gardner filter

    it is always best when you start , do not enable the ldpc and also no enable carier.

    i hope this info will help you

    73 , nico

    Hello all , name is nico , call on7ndr8)

    have found this interesting info from a DUAL BAND feed from DD1US for QO-100 es'hailsat2 , homemade by Matthias Bopp himself.

    looks very interesting article how matthias has build the dualband feed system with also help from other german amateurs.

    go to webpage

    then choose ,>> " home downloads"

    here you will see the dualband feed descibed , article is in PDF format , since it is 5 mb i can not post it here as attachment sorry

    hope you enjoy reading his article to . good job from matthias

    73 nico:)

    picture dualband Es'hailsat DD1US feed:)

    HI Markro92,

    Ho provato la nuova versione (2.0.8), ma non riesco a decodificare i segnali inferiore a 1 MS ....Can you decode with low MS? ..


    Version 2.0.8 decoding fine for also low symbolrate's , use gardner filter(rb) instead of mueller and muller ted (wb) in time recovery window.. (up right)

    Also for all symbolrate below 500 ,(333,250,125,66) i change the samplerate/bandwith to 960000 instead of 2400000. just for info

    images from stations with rtl 2832u dongle decoded and this 2.0.8 version.

    G7JTT on 250 Ks , John , thanks for the test transmission on 250 Ks dvbs2

    F3YX ON 333 Ks DVBS-2

    DL9OBU richard with 500 KS DVBS2- MODE

    first transmission from poland SQ6QV legnica on 250 ks

    Helmut dg3khs cologne/keulen on 1000 Ks

    Cpu is only intel pentium 3 model 3220 >> DUAL CORE and 8 RAM Memory ,

    Antenna channel master 1,2 meter offset dish and the normal rtl dongle (dvbt-dab-fm..) rtl2832u /rt820t2 tuner inside.. used on the LATEST 2.0.8 version amsat-gui

    CPU-Z info

    The normal DRAM frequency from the DDR3 memory is 1333 mhz

    Since it is dual core cpu , it is splitted into the half speed DRAM
    computer since 2012 in use....

    PE1CHY , Rob only 5.5 db C/N (monitor batc) decoding on 1000 Ks

    Hey tony ik1hgi , can you contact me via skype..

    i see that you are on skype..

    have added you in skype...please accept invitation ..

    maybe i can help you to see what is wrong..

    my computer is about 6 years old , but it is working..

    let see... 73 ciao

    hello all,

    i just give this as additional info .

    i have a universal lnb with a outside line amplifier johansson 9604 type(waterproof)

    the line amplifier is direct connected to the lnb ..... mounted @lnb

    so a additional amp is used to give a 10 db more gain on 743 Mhz

    the line amp gives 18 db @2300 mhz , 13 @950mhz...

    ok , you can ask yourself way? the s/n c/n stays the same ? yes.

    have noticed that then the analog bb gain is set quite what lower in the software himself and the decoding goes better because i don't have to give extra analog bb gain from the rtl analog amp inside.... to see for example the orange waterfall on beacon coming on waterfall.

    have done test with the line amp and without the lnb amp on beacon for example , in my case it was always better with the sat line amp inbetween. not a inline type

    these are not waterproofwelded)

    can someone do the same please as here noticed ? please share it or post it on this forum

    is this info also better at your side with a regular rtl2832u?

    the satrx (stb) is set to 10300 with horizontal polarisation 19 volt.

    then the loop out from the same satrx (stb) has no dc , but only IF (rf) goes out

    check/messure the voltage on the coax of the loop out , only RF (IF) may come out , NO VOLTAGE !

    then connect the coax to the rtl dongle /rtl2832 /rtl2838

    then run software.....

    73 nico

    I0LYL , luciano jn61fq

    I have the same problem with the beacon , but i don't need it for decoding the beacon. it is a start to play with the settings of sofware

    i will not buy a 6 core /4 ghz to only have the beacon more :-)

    when i want to see the beacon , i use my regular normal satreceiver and a modified lnb

    have seen the beacon enough now...:-) , now every second i think now...

    you will see, with the rtl dongle and 1000 ks sr the decoding is very stabil and your cpu can manage it enough

    so, when decoding 1000 / 500 / 333 ks/250 kS with a 2400000 samplerate /bandwith .

    the buffer stays 0/8192

    when that is not the case, your cpu is to light, or someting else wrong.

    use gardner filter for 1000sr and lower Sr

    MM filter is only used for beacon at 2Ms

    i have also a dualcore i3 @3.3 ghz and 8 ram

    image from pe1ash with rtl dongle on 1000 ks , no fallout , no vlc crashing , 30 minutes full tx time , stabil buffering 0/8192

    nico , on7ndr , jo11sf

    73 luciano

    Hello to your All, Name is nico

    Yesterday with makro92 we did a test online to get the amsat-dl gui working.

    Computer is a I3 penthium dual core : 3320 model and speed 3,3 ghz

    Memory is 8 RAM;

    Cpu-z was used to see first if all nessesary support was in the pc

    After some steps from makro92 online ( with teamviewer) the software dvbs2-gui was also decoding the beacon with a rtl2832u stick/dongle with great succes.

    tuner inside is a rt820t2.

    Here is a screenshot from the decoding and VLC playing video/audio in the background , decoding was live (real time)

    Thanks to makro92 his help online and typing also important information i can now decode it easy on my own.

    Another screenshot from the decoding in progress and constellation....

    73 . Thanks for reading this tread \ hope it will work also on your side and help you.

    Nico , ON7NDR