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    yes mike, but 22 version is 60 days trialsoftware , the 16 version above is full Freeware

    i have made a full scan with panda and no malware or virus was found here

    the 22 is more recent , but only trial , not a basic freeware

    this basic free has only 4 inputs, that's the limitation , but all the features and options do work.

    on7kec ,dit ziet er normaal uit ; airspy device opened > driver werkt dus

    klik op het andere kleinere venster waar al die details van de versie staan en veranderingen , kleiner scherm onderaan op de ok klikken.

    programma start dan pas op !

    wanneer programma is geladen , download mijn kleine nederlandse handleiding om verder wijs uit te geraken en te starten , het gaat niet vanzelf...

    veel chance nico…32u%20en%20amsat.pdf?dl=0

    indien het op niet lukt , kan je me mailen op >

    of eens afspreken en begeleiden via anydesk applicatie (gratis) remote desktop

    of gewoon met google chrome remote desktop control applicatie of met teamviewer....

    teamviewer is de laatste tijd niet meer goed ,indien je een licentie wil kopen , doe ik niet...

    73 nico

    zet de samplerate van airspy niet te hoog , zodanig dat je bandbreedte niet te hoog is om de smallere signalen toch nog te kunnen bekijken , zowat 3 Ms is genoeg indien dat kan , heb zelf geen airspy dongle...

    did some test today for best offline decoding , this was my command

    open terminal 1:

    rtl_sdr -f 742455000 -s 2400000 -g 32

    : let the terminal 1 window open

    open a new terminal 2 :

    ./leandvb --gui -v -d -f 2400000 --sr 2000e3 --sampler rrc --rrc-rej 30 --standard DVB-S2 --ldpc-helper ldpc_tool < > capture.ts

    let it also open (terminal 2 , do not close for 12 minutes)

    wait about 12 minutes to write the full time videocontent from beacon in the capture.ts file

    now close nr 1 en nr 2 terminal

    then open again a terminal : mplayer capture.ts

    i should playback without any errors

    hello all,

    name: nico

    testing out the software in ubuntu....16.04 lts

    i am using a q-force 10 year old cpu with 1 core @2 ghz speed and 4 ram memory

    had problems installing leansdr , with the libiio missing and also no libX11

    i installed with synaptic all what i could find from libX11 and also from libiio

    after cleaning up and remove all directory , i had luck and no errors in the fresh install proces from leansdr/leandvb

    After building the LDPC binary i have also copy it into the same directory where the leandvb binaries are located. If you didn't change the paths it should be ../leandvb/src/apps

    this means all was copied from ldpc folder into leandvb/ src/apps

    still it not working after the rtl_sdr command to run , had errors

    i had to copy from the ldpc folder the ldpc_tool and leandvb to the standard home dir

    than it worked....

    for example the image from a uk station on 333ks with auto detection fec in h264 dvbs2

    the stream was not constant , but the picture quality was impressive

    it was tested out with mplayer and vlc , both worked

    not bad with very slow cpu pc

    yes , forgot the gain was best -g 25,4 , the -g 10 was quitte low for nb stations

    had also decoded 3b8fa in 500 ks

    the best thing from this software is that it find the fec automatic and the transmit mode 8 psk or qpsk and the locking goes vy fast

    a station in 8 psk was almost locked , the 8 dots symbol where on the constellation seen here on const screen , but 8 psk must have very strong signal.... but it works , no daught...

    thanks for reading .....73

    can someone tell if the streaming gives no errors more in the streaming procces with a very fast cpu??

    someone who could test this?

    good luck

    Hello all,

    Our friend miguel CT1BYM was this morning active and he did again a test in 8 PSK and also DVBS1 mode

    the software again was sdrangel and our regular rtl2832u dongle

    the 8 PSK was NOT decodable here .... but than miguel give a monster signal on our birdy in 333 ks and also 500 ks DVBS1

    he made his first tryout in DVBS 1 mode , so congratulations friend miguel

    here you have the screenshot from 333 ks , bandwith was about 500 khz (333 x 1,33)

    here is the full image SDRANGEL DVBS1 CT1BYM SR 333 kS 3/4 fec

    INFO : sdrangel is software from F4EXB :…sdrangel-4.11.0-win64.exe

    hello all , just for a info...

    today i have also done a small test with datv sdrangel 64 bit windows software for normal dvbs 1 and also other modes...

    the station was on 250 ks sr and fec 2/3 dvbs 1

    decimation was set on 1 and SR dongle was 2400000

    gain had to set to 48 before constellation was ok.

    but it works...for a normal dvbs1 station and h264 codec.

    picture was good on the small datv screen .

    g8gkq was decoded..... dvbs1... maybe 8 psk works also. will test

    Hallo , nog eens een guide /handleiding hier van mij in het nederlands.

    je moet inderdaad altijd eerst correct afstemmen met de software.

    dan onderaan midden goed blijven kijken als de sr gelijk blijft of ontspoord..

    de dunne gele fijne lijn moet zich zo goed mogelijk in het midden van de voledige gele /blauwe/oranje/ waterval bevinden.

    probeer eens een 333 ks te decoderen , gaat soms makkelijker dan het baken.

    dutch duide:…32u%20en%20amsat.pdf?dl=0

    i hope that someone can make a guide in portuguese /german/spanisch/italian/russian also....


    the official links on the other page's for dvbs-demod -gui are again working fine and no popups or redirections anymore to other url's

    thanks for solving the DNS issue ...

    73 Nico De Roo , on7ndr/ jo11sf /st-laureins belgium

    hello , dg7yeo

    Can you please test the mueller and muller filter instead of gardner filter for the beacon. center your frequency from beacon as good you can .

    keep also your eyes on actual symbolrate (under middle)

    when symbolrate is going higher , slightly go 1 symbolrate up and down. (stabilisation and reset)) time recovery

    the symbolrate must stay around 2000

    than try carier recovery .start with loop damping full to the right side

    give then gain intil you see constellation. then lower to 0 loop damping (ful left side)

    keep gain to loop gain to about 3... enable it...

    then as last step , choose the fec and then enable also the ldpc ...

    tip ,for all lower symbolrates use the gardner filter

    it is always best when you start , do not enable the ldpc and also no enable carier.

    i hope this info will help you

    73 , nico