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    Hi Luc,

    I use Lime SDR mini, freeze issue is on SDR Console (NB) only when I click TX button..

    My CPU usage is 16,5 to 17,2 % (TX button ON) ---1,2 to 2,0 % (TX button OFF)

    My TX set up is Lime SDR mini,CN0417 & EB003 in the shack, 6m Heliax 1/2 Patch (Poty) & 2,4 m Dish.

    This issue is permanent, it freezes on & off until I click the TX button OFF,when on RX it is good.

    Thank you for your consideration.



    Hi All,

    Freeze issue with SDR Console (all version).When I click "ON" TX button the screen freezes for a few seconds

    /minutes back to normal for a while and same again until I click "OFF" TX button, on RX mode no freeze.

    I de-activate a maximum of background program, use SDR Console alone but still have this issue.

    My PC :- HP core i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60 Ghz - 8gb RAM

    Thank you for assistance.



    Hi Pat. The console output shows invalid modcode (reserved) due to bad PLHEADER decoding. That's because carrier recovery hasn't locked yet. The Problem is, that for the reserved modcodes, no constellation is known. That means, that only for the first 64 symbols of each DVB-S2 frame (the PLHEADER), carrier recovery is actually active. Which means, that it can take a bit of time for the demodulator to recover from this. I noticed this earlier, but it didn't persist for a long time. However, that's because i'm currently testing with relatively stong signals, but for weaker signals, this is far more noticeable. I'll try to fix this problem. The solution should be treating these modcodes as if they were QPSK, which would be better than ignoring them at all.

    Hi Markro,I made test with the beacon comparing V14 to V15.I noticed that

    V14 lock very quickly seems to be more sensible than V15. Actually V15 don't

    lock at all here even with very strong signals I tested with my own signal at

    13 db on BATC WB spectrum.

    Thank you for your time and great software,best 73s.

    Oh well, indeed. I'll try to see if we can make this work.

    Tks works very quick after installing the last api for sdrplay..even 125k works very good...alsoo 8PSK 125

    great job again

    Hi Markro92 having an issue with v15

    Hello,I'm now using SDRplay,DVB-2S Demod Gui don't see SDRplay, is there any specific driver for this software to work with

    SDRplay.I already downloaded API/EXTIO driver and it's working perfectly with SDR Console

    Thanking you


    Hi Markro,

    I used M&M for beacon reception,no circle seen in IQ plot.

    What is Timing Lock ?

    3b8fa: (Pat) Hi, we could try using Teamviewer, i'll take a look at it tomorrow if you send me the ID and password.

    To be honest, your signal looks quite strong in the FFT plot. It must be something with the symbolrate being wrong. DId you use M&M / (Müller & Mueller TED) for timing recovery? that's necessary for RTLSDR sticks to receive the beacon. If you haev Timing lock, you should atleast see a circle in the IQ Plot.

    What is the minimum signal strength to obtain a lock,the beacon is at 5 db over noise floor,is this enough for a decode ?? Thank you.

    Hi All,after many hours of trial and help from a friend.i've not been able to make this software lock on any signal.I am receiving well all DATV signals on BATC and the beacon is very strong.Now I need new eyes and any tips to make it work,thanking you.