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    Hello yes I'm using Version 2.0.21 DVB-GUI for performance still are not good to receive 16apsk 32apsk only the possibility 8psk made many tests, if SWL - markro92 can give announcement of the New version I can not give good indications we are waiting! !!! with the 120x100 dish and I receive good signals without problems using the Minitiuone of DD0CW Franck SR25 FEC 32APSK D2 without problems even A16PSK we wait anxiously for the release of the DVB-GUI new version to test

    73 ik1hgi Tony

    No I nel senso della versione 2.1

    Will you be releasing this new version soon ? Looking forward to it !

    M1CTK: do you have an AMD CPU and is is crashing?

    It should run on AMD CPUs, but i'm not able to test it. I'm only using instruction sets at the moment supported by both CPU families.

    Can you give ne a screenshot of your titlebar if the program starts up? otherwise Download CPU-Z and give me a screenshot of the first window, where CPU Name and Feature Flags are displayed. It should support up to SSE4.1. Of course i also want people with recent AMD chips to run this.

    It's someone I know who has an AMD, my i7 on a 2012 mac mini works much better with the latest version as the video shows. If there could ever be some kind of blind scan added as demod is very much more useable now. Great work

    After more playing I am getting feeds down to 125 sr, Does this still need an intel cpu btw ?

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    Just playing about with the latest version, the beacon is a lot easier to receive but any other feed so far in the last 20 mins I've been trying is imposable to get video with even though I see the callsign in the spectrum etc. Maybe vlc player can not decode H.265 video ?

    That image of open 8 is working fine for me. I see absolutely no point in blind scan, we know the transponder band plan, we know the symbol rates, there is a bouquet with all these already set up. However, there is also Open ATV6.4 as linked here in the forum by DH5UW…user-post-list/941-dh5uw/

    Loose connection so now BS works ok, no it's only useful if you are an occasional sat feed hunter with a motorised dish like myself... as for that image which Tomasz SQ6QV originally posted on the Q-100 fb group still like to know which one it is....he said it was from the Polish sat dxers forum, which I can't find anywhere...

    OK thanks for link unfortunately the image is not the one as the screenshot shows at all....and with me openeight 6.7 seems full of bugs, blindscan is not working for a start

    OK so I now have a SF8008 and also FYI a cheapo £35 Revez HDS620 receiver which tunes down to 10.492 and decodes feeds with 1000 sr and above, not H265 ones though

    SQ6QY posted this image on the qo100 facebook group of his SF8008 getting a 250k symbol rate feed but he won't answer me about what image he is using so I ask on here, anyone ? How has he managed to enter the correct frequency ?

    also ?!

    Interesting....Btw I find my TBS 5927 USB receiver with DVB Dream will tune fine down to 10.492 and with symbol rates down to surely there are other sat boxes which do so also, shame it doesn't seem to be the SF8008

    No it does not do offsets. Unlikely perhaps. Yes you do need to modify the PLL, not because of stability but because the tuner will not work below 950 MHz. Therein lies your solution to offsets. Lock the PLL LNB with a variable reference and use that to compensate of the lack of offset tuning in the RX. I.e. The signal always appears at (say) 1 GHz as far as the RX is concerned.


    OK thanks for reply. How do I mod my PLL LNB ? DVB Dream gets the beacon fine btw without any LNB mod using my TBS 5927 USB sat receiver