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  • Hello Sandro,

    I thought this is an operating software not Arduino file?

    Peter oe5pln

  • Hi

    do you have more fotos from your antenna ?? is it pertinax plate ?

    • Hi.

      No. This is a cheap PCB FR-1 with 1 Oz (0,035mm).

      I have a video with more details:

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      My e-mail is

      I can send the photos.

      73 !

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    • Nice. Do you have the dimensions please ?

    • Hi.

      To made, i used the site below:…es/antenne-helice-bibande

      1 Wavelength Reflector = 12.49125 cm
      Gain 11 dB

      Circumference 13.3156 cm
      Diameter 4.238 cm
      Spacing Between Turns 3.0252 cm
      Length of Each Turn 13.655 cm
      Length of Wire Needed 68.275 cm
      Antenna Length 15.126 cm

      73 !

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    • Thanks a lot.

      How do you deal with so much digits behind decimal point?


      i can probably make it 13,30 cm but not exact to these microns. problem ?

    • I dont had how make this antenna with the exact size too.

      This size i take in the calculator, but i removed all decimal numbers. This antenna it isn't critical design.

      My Helix diameter was made with 4,5cm ( was 4.238 cm), because the size of my LNB horn.