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  • Hello, can we make qso in QO-100 ?

  • Hi Michael,

    Happy New Year 2019!!

    It seems your website http://www.kolumbus.fi/michael.fletcher/ is broken...

    73s Peter

  • I am perpetually interested in multiphase RF systems, antennas in particular, both predominantly electrically and magnetically coupling in the near field. My experiments cover VLF to SHF, including multiphase waveguide structures.

    AMSAT multiphase antenna concepts may be found in AO-10, AO-13, AO-40, P3E and P5A. AMSAT HELAPS modulators are also multiphase designs and this concept may also be extended to RF transmitters, power modulators and demodulators.

    The AMSAT AO-40 magnetically levitating gyroscopic momentum wheels and AMSAT-DL magnetic torquing systems all use multiphase power control, only at fairly low frequencies. Scale this up to RF and you are in business.

    My experiments include all kinds of antennas, transmitters, modulators and receivers, including multiphase test gear for verification and demonstration purposes. Personally, my favourite topologies are 3 and 6 phase systems, but also 9 an 12 phase systems depending on application.

    If you didn't quite get my message, please allow me to clarify: IQ modulation and quadrature systems are flawed and totally outdated ;)