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  • Hi Alex,

    Do you need any specific format for the reports you collect?

    The information I can provide you here, just quick and dirty, is as follows:

    - location JO52BH (near Hannover)

    - QO-100 elevation 28,5 degrees

    - antenna 1.8m offset dish (Kathrein CAS 180)

    - LNB Octagon, modified to receive the CW-Beacon signal on 429,180 MHz.

    - cable: 20m double shielded „high quality“ 75 Ohm cable (sorry, i dont‘t have a more scientific cable designator available) with F-plugs at each side

    - Voltage input (12 Volt DC)

    - Adapter F to BNC

    - 25cm BNC cable

    - Adapter BNC to SMA

    - RSP1A receiver

    - Software SDRUno 1.32

    Signal observation as of today:

    - weather clear sky, some light clouds

    - CW-beacon signal (Peak): -70.0 dBm @ 750 Hz bandwidth

    - SNR (as per internal SDRUno calculation): 25,7 dB

    - Average noise (Peak): - 94.7 dBm.

    Observation with SDR-Console 3.0.11:

    - CW-beacon signal: -55.6 dBm @ 800 Hz bandwidth

    - Average noise - 87,7 dBm

    From my experience, the SDRUno software makes best use of the RSP1A and the dBm values are calibrated within about 1 dBm accuracy +/-. The way the SNR is calculated is described in the SDRUno documentation.

    If you need anything else, please letme know.

    Best 73 and good luck with your thesis!

    Geri, DK8KW