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    As a Dr. I am always into helping university students.

    From what I understand from the above you want to make a precise as possible link budget tool, founded on practical data?

    Thanks for your predisposition PA3FYM and DH2VA!

    More less! The exact description would be: Developing a link budget tool and use DH2VA spread sheet and ES' Hail Sat 2 to validate it!

    Do you know Jan King's Link budget spreadsheet? It has been a reference for quite some years now.

    I have been working with this famous spreadsheet! Right now I am stuck because I do not really know what is the the current state of QO-100: Output power, back-off, #of channels... Do you know where I can find this data?

    Thanks :) !

    Hello there!

    I am working on my MSc project and I have to develope a GNU radio package to simulate X-band sat comms.

    I need to gather some data from other users to verify the simulation tool with real cases.

    Since it is a quite extensive tool I require lots of inputs for the dowlink segment: Location(aprox), timestamp, weather condition (picture if possible) , cables length and type, connector types and number, lnb used, dish size, beacon power and noise floor (better if the AGC is off as well as any other lna after the lnb :S)

    I made my own QO-100 station and I got some nice results but still need other locations data !

    I ve been looking this forum for a while and I was wondering if someone could offer some help :) !

    If anyone has a better aproach I would be happy to hear it! I saw the Link budget apk but I need to introduce more data.

    I ve considered that working with the becacon is maybe more consistent since sometimes there are power peaks along a conversation :S!

    I would like to thanks to @EA5DY since he already helped me and encourage me to make this post !!

    73 - Alex