Programmable oscillator suggestions

  • I have a dual output Leo Bodnar GPSDO, which works well. Unfortunately it doesn't have the flexibility I had hoped for in terms of output frequencies. I currently having it running at 25 MHz (for my LNB) and 10 MHz (for later use).

    I would love to be able to program other frequencies near to 25 MHz so that I can test the LNB outputting directly on 2m or 70cms, or nearby. So I'm thinking, what oscillators are available which can generate arbitrary frequencies in the 25 MHz area, and preferably accept a fixed frequency output from the GPSDO for stability?

    I am looking for oscillator modules from eBay or similar rather than build it yourself. Any software programming, maybe via an external Arduino, needed is not a problem for me.

    Can I have your thoughts and experiences?

    Jonathan Naylor

    Callsign: G4KLX

    Locator: IO90TT

    QTH: Worthing, UK