personal Web-Spectrum / Waterfall Monitor

  • Hello,

    usually the webmonitor is used to see the activity on the QO-100 wideband transponder.

    I needed to see a similar picture, but from my own dish and LNB to compare it with the batc spectrum. And I want to
    stream it into the Ethernet or Internet like batc is doing.

    Using the hardware SDRplay RSPx I have written a web monitor including spectrum and waterfall.
    The software runs under Linux. Since the capture rate is 10MS/s a PC is needed (but I had also some success to run it on an Odroid-N2 SBC).

    Currently I have it running for testing on a desktop PC which is connected to an RSP1A SDR and a 120cm dish with a Megaset LNB.

    It can be view here:


    (for easy use, activate to "Autom:" checkbox and set the "average" slider according your preferences).

    After some testing and debugging I will publish it via Github during the next week for general use.

    vy 73
    Kurt, DJ0ABR

  • thanks to everybody for testing the monitor.

    It may be a bit slow because my internet upload speed is at its limits if more than 20 users are using the site,
    but thats good for stability testing :)

    This evening I will try it on a new RPI-4. I don't expect that the RPI is fast enough, but I'll give it a try.