Sometimes Pluto crashes at DATV TX start

  • Hello,

    my ADALM Pluto is connected via LAN/WLAN to my shack and directly accessible from vMix/OBS via RTMP stream (F5EOE custom firmware, see here). Usually that works very well.

    But sometimes a few seconds after starting RTMP stream the Pluto crashes. Exactly in the moment when the Pluto begins to TX (6-8 seconds after starting RTMP stream). The TX signal seems to be ok (MiniTioune locks and all indicators are green) but there is no valid video/audio. When I stop the RTMP stream the Pluto don’t stop transmitting (because he is crashed?). So I have to switch off the pa and reboot the Pluto.

    Mostly the Pluto works well and the TX signal is ok over hours. For switch on/off the transmitter i use the PTT input of my PA. So I don’t have to interrupt the RTMP stream. But if I stop the stream (to change settings e.g.) and restart it then the Pluto sometimes crashes again.

    What I have done:

    - GND-Modification of Pluto (bridge at L7)

    - Improved GND concept of my whole setup

    - Different USB/LAN adapters tested

    With no success until now. Whitout active PA the same happens. So maybe no rf problem. I also have tested to transmit via “DATV Express Transmitter” software. This software also crashes sometimes or give an error message (Pluto not found). Maybe because that the Pluto is crashed again ...

    Has anyone made similar observations?

    Frank, DL3DCW

  • It looks like the Toroid is in the wire of USB/LAN adapter. The wire of all my USB/LAN adapters is very short (max. 5-10cm). So i have to use an extension cable/adapter ...

    My Pluto crashes only at DATV TX start (exactly in this moment). In all other cases it works fine. So maybe this is a software/firmware problem?

  • DL3DCW

    Changed the title of the thread from “Somtimes Pluto crashes at TX start” to “Sometimes Pluto crashes at DATV TX start”.