SDR Console Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Hi,

    does anyone know if there is a way to redefine keyboard shortcuts within the SDR Console?

    E.g. I want to use the "space bar" instead of "F5" for toggling TX. And I'd like to get rid of the Frequency popup window when pressing the "CTRL key".

    Thanks all.

    73 Hank

  • For the first question: you can change the redefine keyboard shortcuts via the small 'eject'(?) symbol next to the undo arrow in the top symbol bar.

    Then go to 'weitere Befehle' and 'Tastenkombinationen anpassen'. Select under Transmit->TX your desired key.

    For changing the double Ctrl-Key frequency popup, I haven't figured this out yet..

  • Great, for TX toggle it worked as descriped, thanks a lot for the hint!

    I found out that the "Frequency Window" also pops up when clicking on "Receive" and than "Keyboard". Unfortunately, even when I assign a shortcut like "ALT+K" to this function, "CTRL" is still active.

    For explanation, I frequently use the keyboard function "CTRL+Window+left/right" to switch between virtual desktops. When doing so, always the Frequency window pop up, which is annoying.

    73 Hank

  • Funkioniert PERFEKT.. Vielen Dank