Pluto calibration

  • I have just bought an Adalm-Pluto (rev B) for use on QO-100 but I don't have a pre-drive amp yet (it has been ordered from Sandor DM4DS). It will drive an SG-Labs PA V2 and replace my 70cms transverter solution.

    I want to see how good/bad the frequency calibration and drift is. So my question is how to do this? When I am able to transmit to QO-100 I can use the beacons but I don't have a frequency stabilised LNB or access to a signal generator either.

    Any ideas?

    73, David

  • Use SDR-Console with it's integrated RX offset/drift correction (locking onto the beacons). This should take care of the LNB drift (if it is a PLL LNB) and the RX drift of the Pluto. When transmitting, your signal will eventually start drifting which is the remaining unless you start modifying the Pluto's reference frequency.