External Radio with SDR Console and TS2000

  • Hello,

    I try to use my TS2000 with the SDR Console V3.0.26.

    The TS2000 is in satellit mode TX 144 MHz, RX 1242 MHz.

    I setup an external radio setup.

    As you can see the radio is online and it ist working. I can change the frequency in the SDR console and the freqiency in the TS2000 follows.

    I made the setting as following:

    So I would assume that the data goes from the SDR console to the TS2000, but if I trun the VFO at the TS2000 the data is transmitted from the TS2000 back to the SDR console.

    But the TX frequency is transmitted back. This causes the SDR console to jump the 144 MHZ mit TX frequency on the TS2000.

    To return to 1242 MHZ I need to pess the PTT.

    Does somebody have an idea what to do to prevent the data from going back to the SDR console. I thought by disabling the check boxes Rado -> SDR this would do the job.

    73, Juergen, DL8SDQ