suggestion for AZ/EL rotator

  • hello and good evening everyone,

    I would like to start doing satellite activities and I was planning to take a 10el VHF and 15el UHF Yagi antennas to be installed for this purpose.

    I understand that there are only a couple of (expensive) options for AZ + EL rotors, the Yaesu G-5500DC and the Alfa SPID RAS.

    I wanted to ask you, do you know cheaper alternatives or are these just the rotors on the market?

    Thank you,

    73 - Ivan IZ0JNY

  • I had the azimuthal rotor until lightning killed it. Then I installed a two-way turntile antenna for 2 meters and 70 centimeters. With this fixed antenna I establish qso via satellite starting from 60 degrees of elevation. The processed satellites are: AO 91, CAS 4A, CAS 4B, ISS, RS 44, SO 50, XW2A, XW2F.