New operational mode

  • Hi Jabi,

    In order to operate this mode every station partitipating (can be more than two) must have full duplex capability i.e. to be able to hear his own transmission. All the stations use the same frequency USB. In an typical QSO each one pass the microphone to another one. In this mode all can speak together like a telephone call. In order to have same audio level, all must reduce their power to reach the lowest stations level. The produced QSO is without over. Callsigns must announced every some minutes as laws require. There is a habit to try to work as a half duplex but all must overcome this. It is very helpful to interrupt the others if you didn't understand something or you have a phone ringing. It is a more live way of communication similar to a telephone one or a chat one as more than two can participate. The drawback is that you hear your voice. Headphones is mandatory in order not loop voice and also you have to adjust the audio in order not confused from your voice. The drawback is that you hear your own voice but work is in progress to overcome this. I do tests at 950 and also I am QRV at this frequency. Hope all this helps.