Highspeed Multimedia Modem for QO-100

  • Hi all,

    does someone use this Software with WIN10 / VAC /AudioCable) and SDR-Console using AdalmPluto and can tell me the Parameter's in VAC ? Actuall without Effort on my WIN10-PC. e.g- MMSSTV is running with VAC

    any information appreciated

    mni tnx



  • Hallo,

    Probably i missed something about this project.

    Where can i find more info about the "high speed modem".

    I presume it's a software solution or ........

    A search on this forum did not help me.

    I found the site from DJ0ABR. ( as you can see in the top of the images a call-sign).

    But i would like to see if there are some users experience.


    Bert PA3AOD

  • Hi all,

    Installation of the High Speed Modem on my 64Bit Windows-10 computer, peace of cake.

    The only problem till now is the USB-Audio connection

    My IC-9700 is in USB-D mode (Rx and Tx)

    I did a test with KG-STV that works fine, so the USB-Audio connection must be good.

    ( The IS0GRB wed-sdr did received a picture from me )

    Playing around now a couple of hours with the audio part without success.

    What do you guys have for info on the command screen (you can see my error).

  • Tried to get it running since 2 hrs....no chance

    Installed it Step by Step as Described for AdalmPluto, using SDR-Console 3.0.26 on WIN10PC 64-Bit I5

    Using VAC Full Version.

    RX-SIGNAL is GREEN, But no Synchronisation

    will loking forwardo....i think i must figure out how VAC Signallevel must adapted



  • Hello,

    after testing it and figured out that it is actuall "tricky" to get it synchronized with QSO-Partner.

    ACTUAL if i want to send an ASCII File the Software Stopped immediately when i will send it.

    One day before it works ....curios

    Win10>AdalmPluto TCXO; BullsEye LNB not modified. All Parameter's used as described in Documentation by DJ0ABR

  • DB2OS

    Changed the title of the thread from “received images from DK0SB using highspeed modem” to “Highspeed Multimedia Modem for QO-100”.
  • Hallo my frieds,

    yes, I am reading all these suggestions, and have already done some of them. I.e. the pilot tone suggested by DB8TF is implemented in the actual version 0.64.

    The pilot tone is a little peak at 100Hz. And the spectrum display has a red 100 Hz line for tuning.

    I am currently working to fix a very complex issue, I rewrite the Windows Audio Driver, which is quite complex to get it reliably working. Unfortunately all the free, open software for Windows Audio has many problems, so it was neccessary to fix that. This will take about one week, then I publish a new version.

    The question from here and from emails are answerded in a new FAQ on https://www.dj0abr.de/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=de:start

    When the current work on the audio driver is finished, I will have more time to participate here in the forum.

    vy 73
    Kurt, DJ0ABR

  • Hi all,

    I have a suggestion. Will it be possible to have a good quality IQ file of a Highspeed Multimedia transmission to experiment around and try to find the right adjustments to decode it and check also if our computer is able to decode it ? This kind of file is rather heavy, I know that, but it could be uploaded on any "big files server" ?

    Another possibility could be to have a test transmission during a known time slot, i.e 2PM-3PM or anything else so we could try to receive with HMM ?

    And what about the use of one of three beacons during a limited time (a week-end ?) to send HMM files and promote this mode ?

    Those suggestions because I spent a long time yesterday (15/01) and this morning (16/01) waiting for any transmission on 489.580 but nothing appeared...

    73 to all.

    Denis, F6GKQ

  • DB8TF

    Thanks for the info, so I've been unlucky yesterday, missing this traffic. I'm listening this morning, heard two transmissions just before 11 AM but even with a green light on receive, synchro is still red. I've to wait for other transmissions.

    73 and good traffic to you !

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    Hi Denis, we have a long term plan to transmit such a beacon continously from our DK0SB (Sternwarte Bochum) AMSAT-DL Groundstation, maybe replacing the Upper beacon with it.. But there is still a lot of developement needed and Kurt dj0abr is working hard on it. Since everything is OpenSource, maybe others want to support him.. erverything is on https://github.com/amsat-dl/ and Kurt's place...

    73s Peter

  • Hi all,

    It works now, for me. I first recorded an IQ file with one transmission. Then, I played it several times, changing some parameters (audio level, format (speed), etc.) until I found the right ones.

    I have no kind of stabilisation here, except the SDR Console synchro on the PSK beacon and I left the software running unattended and catched some more pics during two hours so it seems that it is steady enough "as is".

    This is a screenshot and, as one can see, constellation is not perfect but picture is OK. I also attach two pics from DO3ASE. I have to do some more changes in order to improve the reception. After testing directly with audio mixer, I used a VAC...