Deleting the memory in Pluto

  • Hi, I have done multiply upgrading and downgrading and even DFU several times to change the pluto B,C,D and even Plus.

    I have noticed several times user data keeps showing up after a complete rebuild.

    So callsign of special settings seems to stay somewhere in the pluto even after DFU Boot and DFU Pluto...

    Now i have a pluto rev c where something wrong during upgrade and i cannot get the pluto D patch loaded.

    Also UTP communication seems to vanish...

    Now for my question.

    Where is the user data stored and how to delete that user data.

    So basically, How to completely wipe a pluto and restart from a empty pluto...

    In wiki i read something about device_format_jffs2

    Is this a solution or a recept for disaster..


  • If you login with putty in the pluto and type the command device_format_jffs2

    you really clean an updated pluto back to factory settings...

    I had heard no success stories so far. And this was feeling like we repair or brick the pluto..