• Hello,

    Here is the new version 2.08 which allows the support of the latest firmware of Evariste F5OEO
    You now have at your disposal a software for both beginners and seasoned OM at DATV
    You can use it with:

    - the ADALM PLUTO in USB2 with the original firmware from Analog Device

    - The ADALM PLUTO in Ethernet with the Firmware of Evariste F5OEO

    - The LimeSDR mini in USB3

    You can leave many of the default settings on Automatic or experiment with your settings.

    The software also allows you to monitor and control your amplifiers by relay control.

    The ZIP Pack includes:

    - the installation executable

    - the drivers to install (for the Pluto install the 2 exe's)

    - links to compatible graphics cards or processor for hardware encoding

    - the program for an Arduino Uno with an Ethernet shield card for monitoring the current, voltage, temperature and power.

    Do not forget to read the PDF notice before any questions.

    Thank you for your feedback and encouragement.

    Happy testing!

    >>> Link for Donwload

    73 Dominique F1EJP