logbook (via CAT) for SDR console (connected to PLUTO), any suggestion?

  • Hi everyone,

    I was trying to get Log4OM talking to the SDrc, no luck.

    As specified in the subject, the SDRC is controlling a Pluto.

    I've been trying both Omnirig and Hamlib in the log software, no changes.

    Is there any other log software that is easy to link to SDRC, or some fix to get the Log4OM going?


  • Well, in your case sdr console talks to the pluto via usb/network, no serial ports are involved.

    My bad, sorry.

    Maybe this works: Create a "Connector" e.g. COM11, and set Log4OM to use this as the "Radio" port. Then create a TCP Client with the IP-Address and port of your pluto as Prameters and redirect the tcp stream to COM11. Does that work?


    Disclaimer: I do not have a pluto, i'm just guessing. I'm sure there are some smart people in the forum who figured out a way to do what you ask for.