Adalm Pluto+ bricked

  • I have recently received a 'fresh" Adalm pluto+. I could not connect nor ping via the built internet adapter (RJ45) . I could however ssh via the USB-virtual LAN.
    In the process of updating the FW I apparently bricked the device. NO response any more, not even in DFU-mode.
    So now I will have to try JTAG ...

    I have a couple of questions:
    1)On my board the power supply on the JTAG connector on the PCB is marked 3.3V instead of 1.8V as I have seen on all photos in the internet.
    And yes, I do measure 3.3V. Does somebody know of such a board? I guess I will still need to interface the JATG pins with 1.8V, as they are directly connected to the Zynq?

    2)On the internet it is mentioned that in order to recover via JTAG an Analog board named ADALM-UARTJTAG is required. Why do I need this board? I have flashed the Zynq in a redpitaya using HS2 from Digilent. I would expect the JTAG to be identical.

    Any help is very welcome.

    73 Wolfgang

  • Hello,

    if the hardware is not damaged, check on the site of Analog D. There are all instruction to recover from DFU.

    Any other method are useless, and more difficult.

    Search right information and retry the DFU procedure.

    Otherwise translate this link:

    Procedura di recovery Adalm Pluto - Modalità DFU
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    Good luck.