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    Hi, thanks for the reply, I preferred private contact for the interest in the TR-9500, for the CAT it is not interested, I have a Yaesu Ft-817nd that I used for the Upplink, then I bypassed the end of the Tr- 751E, this because I did an uplink with a mixer on my own, an Ok stabilized with the 10 Mhz of reference, a filter and I have a 20 watt amplifier I think, but it requires a very low input (-7 dbm), so I worked all with low powers, 85 offset parabola and I tried a 95 PF with the Rhcp pathc ... I don't use the sat, I just had the pleasure of testing it here in the south one of the first, but it doesn't create the charm like AO40 and others ....

    I am interested in the tr-9500, if it is in order of everything ... write me at the email.

    Greetings from__Maurizio Boschetto__________IW9EZO

    Hi, I think that permission must be asked if valid to do translation from ground stations ..... it can be interesting to enter interested ground stations, but I think if it's very convenient not to build a simple UP-CONVERTER, it's a valid excuse.

    Putting on a transponder is as easy as making an uphill converter for satellite, there are many solutions to instigate building your own Uplink station on the satellite.

    This is my impression, but it is better to ask for confirmation from the dear DB2OS.

    73 de_________Maurizio Boschetto__________IW9EZO

    Dear Bernard,

    I understand your frustration, but we discussed this before the launch and concluded that this would not be a good idea.

    Apart from legal and regulatory issues, we are currently not supporting the idea of remote access or "relaying" via Internet to the satellite using a transmit gateway.

    73s Peter

    Uao...Peter....very well.........compliment for denied....73!


    Hi Martin,

    I wanted some information:

    the propeller I see you have the male connector N coming out of the ring that hangs on the arm of the dish, I had big problem with the same propeller, I think it's a correct version, I could not tighten the connector with your hands, but with pliers.

    Have you had this propeller recently?

    What SWR presents with 20 watts on the offset?

    You can tell me that down-converter you used, and if possible links and useful info for me.

    Excuse the questions ... I also put two offset of 80 cm x the sat separately

    73 de ______Maurizio Boschetto_____IW9EZO


    The advice is always valid, I admit to be new in the measures, but with some examples and some suggestions and 'always more education'.

    I made a measurement directly on the sweep (and not through the blue cable Suhner you saw in the picture), with coupler direct output I -20dB, while if I put a load at 50 ohms (up to 10 ghz 10W), I -33 dB .

    Soon I will have a reflectometric bridge of the Wiltron 98A50, so I will have a way to make more reliable RL measurements.

    Slowly we assume experience.

    Greetings de________Maurizio

    Reference level is -1dB (power is 0 dBm), noise floor is around -60, reset with sweeper head.

    New measurement is -25.75 dBm ..... consider that the propeller illuminates an 80x74 offset dish but it is inside the house with the possible reflections ..... this allows me the length of the cables.

    Probable not precise, I'm new in the measures.

    I wanted to pay attention to the problem of the N connector to which to connect the coaxial power cable, which is not practical in the field.


    grazie Lucio, ma usavo gia' un'antenna a elica solo in RX x AO-40 ai tempi, non sono nuovo a questi temi e il sito e stravecchio, anche se con nozioni utili, cmq cercavo o meglio cerco ancora info per le PATCH antenna.

    Cmq TNX....

    73 de______maurizio


    ciao Lucio, un po' strano che non hai ancora ricevuto l'elica, io ho potuto fare delle misure dentro la mia stanza, in merito all'elica, uso un sweep Wiltron 6647B con il network Wiltron 562, testina sino a 18,6 Ghz, accoppiatore direzionale 1-4 Ghz della Merrimac, e montata su una offset da 80.

    Se non ricordo male ho ottenuto -20 o -22db di RL, magari rifaccio la misura.

    Io credo che non si debba smontare nulla, vedendo le foto e' una antenna economica, molto larga di banda, e io non ho le dita giapponesi per avvitare il connettore N maschio, ma ci sono riuscito lo stesso aiutandomi con una pinza a becchi sottili, certo non puoi serrare bene, pazienza.

    L'ho presa per curiosita' e per essere pronto a salire sul sat per i primi test appena accendono, per i 10 Ghz solita prima prova con LNB sat-TV e IF in chiavetta sdr con software, vediamo cosa si vede in uno span di 250 Khz, credo che passino almeno altri 15 giorni, poco importa.

    Vorrrei riuscire a trovare info sulle patch a 2400 usate per l'Uplink di AO-40, sto provando a fare qualcosa in FR4 da 1,5mm e penso di di aggiungere un riflettore stesso materiale, poi vedo cosa ne esce fuori, se hai info, te ne sarei grato....

    73 de______maurizio

    Hi I0LYL de IW9EZO....

    io ho acquistato questa elica, credo anche tu......peccato che il cilindretto dietro per metterla sulla parabola, attacco N sia piccolo, devo aiutarmi con una pinza a becchi per dare una mezza stretta al connettore.....vedremo come mio NA ho un RL di -22dB se non ricordo male.....

    Sto vedendo per una patch, ma non riesco a trovare foto dettagliate...ho qualche dubbio, stio provando con oatch in FR4 da 1,5mm e riflettore in alluminio, volevo provare con riflettore in FR4....fara' da capacita ?....

    Saluti de__IW9EZO

    Hi Peter, how are you ..... I hope well, anxious to know the ignition of the transponder, I think you and the team in Qatar to activate the ground control station ...... I wish you good work .. ..

    I wanted to ask about the P3-E for a future, I was lucky enough to operate on AO-40 with the dear Dom I8CVS and other Italian OM ......

    Thanks for your attention.....

    Cordial greetings_______Maurizio Boschetto ______- IW9EZO

    Salve IK4IDY, questa dual-band e' fatta apposta per avere polarizzazione VERTICALE in salita e circolare destra ( inversione della sinistra ) sul disco, giusto per lavorare il sat come si deve......tutto qui.....73!

    Hi IK4IDY, this dual-band is made to have VERTICAL polarization in ascent and circular right (inversion of the left) on the disk, just to work the sat as it should ...... all here ..... 73 !