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    Like my father (DL6DCA) reported, we have established a WiFi connection to our Adalm Pluto on the basis of 2 Nanostation M5 in the 5 GHZ band range.

    The problem as reported was that we had a stuttering connection at any bandwidth, we were able to solve this problem with a new network card (Linksys USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter).

    Benedict & Wilhelm - you gurus!

    I bought 2 Nanostations M5 and also Linksys USB 3.0 Ethernet-Adapter - but:

    • If I connect my PC (SDR Console) via Ethernet cable via a router to Linksys OTG and Pluto all works as expected. Even pluto.local works as URL. :thumbup:
    • if I connect my PC (SDR Console) via router and Nanostations to the Linksys OTG all ports are filtered (as NMap told) and nothing works. :thumbdown:

    How did you configure the Nanostations (Bridge/Station/Router/DHCP)?

    Thanks Andreas