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    My idea:

    BU500 pre-programmed to make up conversion in 432.Very stable . Chinese 8w Wifi Booster , Mini-Kits EME225 modified relay (NC&NO) connected to ACC rear connector FT818. TX with 13v signal pin.

    The LNB is a TXCO 432 down high-stable PLL 1ppm from OK2ZAW.

    Semiduplex like a conventional equipment. Little adjustment with RIT in RX. BU-500 programmed as to almost perfect coincidence TX up frequency with RX down frequency. Tested . Just need to mechanise a box in tripod leg .

    No PC.Just a battery 12v or a little power supply, tripod and 60cm dish.



    Al aire libre

    Me too. I also can test via serial port version is now 2.0. Can change LO also to 1968 Mhz..which gave me 432 Mhz in my FT 818..perfect on the satellite for my uplink. MKU2424A was only 144 Mhz capable. Checked my TX against my LNB TXCO and also with SDR console 3.09 "anti-drift". All seems stable and perfect even without the external LO. (BTW mine was sent back after fixing also without external LO connector),.Waiting for further documentation from Kuhne... But I can expect it´s OK and fixed. Right.



    Thanks Harald!.

    Here also working with your script.Octagon OSLO single LNB , RSP1A SDR and SDRUno. Works perfect!!.SDR Console would be also a great added value.

    I can forget tweaking manually drift now with your script for most QSO,s in SSB&CW.


    Antonio EA1IW

    Thats why used "SEEMS" and not names. A difficult theme as /if that persons even is not him . We are only trying to inform we are not hands off and looking for what can we do really. Not name is published.,If I had certainty it was solved for sure.



    Well... The person which transmits SEEMS ( we can´t subtantiate it up to date ) to be an "old " identified person which in the past had also problems with illegal transmissions to SatCOM satellites. Actually we believe he is not in ownership of an amateur active license (he was in the past)..Not URE ( Spanish Radioamateur Union )member nor AMSAT..nothing.

    As I like a lot CW I listened him it also with many different messages in spanish .It seems to be a platonic love or similar ...I told about this to Pedro EA1YO ,a close friend of mine, which is the President of URE and then, he redirected the situation to the Spanish delegates of areas which "he" is supposed to be: EA7. Remember: he is not URE member.

    I will try to be informed about what this history ends and what can we do as a next step.I also passed info to AMSAT-EA President,Felix (EA4GQS)...



    Incredible, you still have lemon on the tree, with me 1m snow and temperature -15 ° C at 07:00 clock.

    Yes.. Lemon are all around the year. It´s a "4 seasons" variety..and even in winter (usually always over 0 degrees minimum daily temperature here) gives me lemons for winter colds ;).

    As today is raining and I can´t realign&fix my 80cm dish in the roof, I decided to test an old camping suitcase kit with a "plastic" 35cm antenna .Using a Darko (OE7DBH) modified twin LNB Octagon... a cheap chinese RTL-SDR New Gen TXCO 0.5ppm (green).Surprised when 10706 signal was on the display ..also the 11205 a bit stronger.

    Would like to test again in a future when NB is on and/or non-amateur 11205 -10706 are stronger.

    73,s Antonio