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    I don't think so Alessio, never did see something about this possibility :/, but I would like that very much also, so maybe (when not available) a nice firmware update for our 'non QO-100 receiving' Japanese Icom engineers ;)!?

    73 de Frank PH2M (IC-9700 owner & SGlab TR2300 to receive soon...)

    Hristiyan LZ5HP is not very communicative ... PA ordered April 26 , paid , announced lead time 4 weeks ..I have already emailed SG-LAB several times but no answer ....Silence radio ....X(

    I think most people don't have that experience with Hristiyan LZ5HP (certainly not me), I mailed him a few times with questions about the TR2300 (13cm transverter), I always received an answer within 1 day! Finally ordered 1 and he told me lead time is about 7~8 weeks (on May 4), I will receive an email when mine is in stock then I have to pay via PayPal...

    Best regards, Frank PH2M

    Sorry if posted in the wrong forum
    I don't think I can move the tread so I will have to ask one of the moderators to move it for us.

    Hello Harry, I 'am just very interested in results/tests and try to find the best LNB (although there always differences between LNB's even from the same type ;)), so I asked to put it in the correct (LNB)forum just to make it easier for everyone to find these tests/discussions :)!

    Thanks for the video (although personally I 'am looking for a Twin or Quad LNB 8o)

    73 de Frank PH2M

    Nice if this (or an other type) LNB can be used for 144 or 124* MHz. IF, I have a brand new IC-9700, so an IF on 23CM would be very nice :-)

    73 de Frank PH2M

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    Hello Peter, as You can see my username = my callsign, but in small letters, I can't find a way to change that to capital letters :/

    73 de Frank PH2M 8)

    I'm also waiting for the Kuhne LNC.

    A question about the icom 9700 and connection to the MKU2424B. Do you use the PTT line from the icom to switch the 2424B? And which port from the Icom do you use?


    • 8-pin DIN ACC socket on rear panel.
    • SEND line (ACC Pin 3) enable/disable via menu for each band.

    73 de Frank PH2M

    p.s. I have my SGlabs TR2300 on order ;) and my 'Poty' finished ^^

    There seem to be 2 different Diavolo Twin's on the market :/, this is the one also for sale by Reichelt:…AVOLO-BLACK/dp/B01M0I932M and this is probably an older version which can been found by some other shops:…n-LNB-0-1dB/dp/B00175PH6E so indeed hopefully DL8DAK can tell us which one he bought :/?

    73 de Frank PH2M 8)

    Just got this Megasat Diavolu. At least the outline of the chip set looks the same. Any advice on the chip set used or how to do the mod for external LO ...?

    Oeps, this Diavolo Twin looks different then the Twin Diavolo, Armin DF1QE showed us before on his website :'(

    I would like to see also an overall pikture of the LNB. I'm not 100% sure about the orientation of the x-tal. Just to be safe.

    But from what I can see at the moment, the upper right Solderpad of the x-tal is the one you are looking for. Or use both the solder Pad of the x-tal and of the chip-C beneath.

    Good luck!!

    I think this article (previously shared also in this forum) shows it all: Diavolo Twin external LO modification by DF1QE

    73 de Frank PH2M

    I think you are correct, the values are different in the final article in the

    BATC CQ-TV 263, maybe Mike G0MJW could give some comments?

    I 'am still awaiting the BATC PCB and have to reorder some components also because of the different schematic component values :/

    73 de Frank PH2M

    PH2M Frank that is the same design like venton dual lnb.. I think this is handled under different brand names..:thumbdown:

    Yes indeed Heiner, I have seen pictures of the Quad Venton being a DRO-LNB, but also last week I did find an article somewhere about modifying a AB LNB 01 MSingle (and that was a PLL !) So I took the gamble ordering this one :'(

    Hello all, this week I took the gamble because I have seen a message that someone modified an AB LNB 01 MSingle for external LO, so I found an affordable AB LNB 01 MTwin from this Estonian eBay seller:…or-Multifeed/333071390750 I ordered it Monday and it arrived very quick already on Thursday in The Netherlands!

    After opening it up sadly I was disappointed, this is not a PLL-version (*) but an DRO-version as You can see it on the pictures ;(

    73 de Frank PH2M

    (*) It was never mentioned in any advertisement or at the eBay site that the AB LNB 01 MTwin was a PLL-version ( I just hoped so for this very nice price and affordable FAST shipment ;(