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    Alex, thanks for your replay. I use Pluto Rev.B for tests, downgraded it to original fw v0.32, and then upgraded to the latest original v0.38. Extended its frq. range and set on two processors. Installed F5OEO 0303 Persevance fw and installed IS0GRB patch from the 0303 fw. But there an new problem occur. TS input - UDP port on IS0GRB setting screen can not be configured at all.

    Area for entering TS input IP is there, but nothing can be either selected, nor written in that part of the window. It looks like it is set to read only, instead of text input window. Other entries seems to work.

    Either IS0GRB patch is not compatible with Persevance 0303 fw, or something else is wrong.

    Yes, please write me your procedure of instalation...

    Just these few lines? My "settings-datv.txt" file is much longer and it appears there after a fresh install of 0303, below is its content. However, after fw tries to write to it, it disappears to an unknown location. I guess I'm not the only one having this problem?

    I tried it on two different Plutos, one old used one, the other brand new. The problem is exactly the same on both.

    I am attaching my file as I managed to catch it right after installation. Later she was gone!

    If I upload the file again manualy, the same thing happens later - it disappears!



    mainmode = datv


    datvmode = udp

    callsign = S51KQ

    provname = Pluto

    abs_gain = 0

    hi_power_limit = 0

    lo_power_limit = -30


    ipaddr_obs =

    obs_port = 4444

    obs_password =


    ipaddr_h265box =

    h265box_login = admin

    h265box_password = 12345


    phase_correction = 0

    module_correction = 1.45

    phase_correction_32_1 = 0

    module_correction_32_1 = 1.45

    phase_correction_32_2 = 0

    module_correction_32_2 = 1.45

    tx_watchdog =


    xo_correction =

    udc_handle_suspend =


    diagnostic_report =

    dfu =

    reset =

    calibrate =


    spectrum-source = QO100-web

    minitiouner-ip =

    minitiouner-port = 6789

    minitiouner-udp-ip =

    minitiouner-udp-port =

    minitiouner-offset = 9362337

    minitiouner-socket = A

    minitiouner-voltage = 1

    minitiouner-22khz = OFF

    minitiouner-mode = Auto


    Hi Roberto,

    I trying to run your latest patch v2.1 on a 0303 firmware (Pluto Rev.B) and got following error:



    is not available, the form values are not initialized ! Please take a look at the setup page"

    Thus no settings can be saved in Pluto!

    Have checked that specific subfolder with PuTTY. Settings-datv.txt does not exists there.

    It was fresh install with latest Analogdevices fw.

    Where do I find missing configuration txt file?

    73, Mike

    Hi, i running latest release of OBS on Win7, 32 bit OS and i5 desktop PC.

    Was trying to install these DLL's, without success.

    There is always error report at OBS startup: "avcodec-58.dll is either not designed to run in Windows or it contains an error..."

    Have tried various FFMPEG packages with same result:




    Any suggestions?

    What version of OBS are you running with these dll's? On 32 or 64 bit Wins?

    73, Mike

    DD4YR Robert, streaming from SF8008 works well. Connect your Octagon to the LAN, go in to MAIN MENU, then select INFORMATION, and finally NETWORK. Write down its IP address.

    Now there are two ways to start watching SF8008 stream:

    1. - using web browser open/call that IP address and select LAST SCANNED, click on desired station, 3 icons will pop-up in front of the call sing. Chose 2nd (middle) icon (TV monitor) and save it on to PCs HD. File name will be something like "SV8RV.m3u8". Now open it, VLC will start playing automatically.

    2. - or copy streaming address directly in to VLC.,

    Marcel, thanks for a nice software!

    Operates well - no crashes here.

    It would be very useful if you can add a 5 digit LO frq. entry option (00000 to 11000 MHz). Simple subtract LO frq. entry from reception frq. entry to get actual SDR (IF) frq. Both entries must be memorized in the system to be picked at next program startup.

    We use various modified LNB's and at this moment need to calculate actual IF frq. manually for each frq. change.

    Thanks, keep good work on ...

    Johannes, it can be done with 2 soldering irons heating both sides at same time. Just take your time until xtal moves. After, cool the pcb down ...

    Picture below of an Opticum LSP-02G, xtal was removed that way. Note: these LNBs goes down only to 24.183 MHz @ room temperature. At lower ref. frq. PLL became completely unstable - strong wobbling. One should always check its operation with spectrum analyser.


    Can you give me some hints for removing the xtal ?