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    There is a kHz version but the receiver just locks on to the strongest signal at the correct symbol rate regardless so not really worth it.

    Remarked it and hoped that with the 1 KHz input the lock of one of two signals with the same symbol rate would be easier.

    Best 73's de Michel

    Thank you Robert,

    But changing the satellite group does not give me the KHz input:

    In my list of satellites I do not have the same as you have, so I've chosen similar one.

    Also if you see the pictures of OE7DBH in his item on the OE7FORUM.AT, he uses also the 19.2E Ku-band Astra satellite.

    So I think it is related to the new version of the SF8008 firmware.

    Best 73's de Michel


    I received my SF8008 single S2X receiver yesterday.

    This receiver was supplied with OpenPli, but I flashed Openeight 6.7.

    Looks very nice but I have one problem, no KHz input:

    This is the firmwareI'm using:

    I also tried OpenATV 6.4 and went back to Openeight 6.7 but no KHz only MHz input.

    Could it be that the firmware is still not adapted for the SF8008 v2's ?

    Best 73's de ON6MID