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    ARISS Europe [and AMSAT-DL] will participate in the Ham Radio 2022 (24 to 26 June 2022).


    We will be located on the platform of the DARC in the centre of the hall A1 and we will share a small place together with AMSAT DL. They are promoting QO-100 and part of their team was also actively participated in the Maurer Mission local school contacts.

    In combination with DARC team for education, AMSAT DL, ARISS and the German teachers/Engineers association AATiS vis-à-vis we have an interesting team to support STEM activities using amateur radio on ground and in space.

    ARISS related presentations within the HAM Radio 2022 days are planned:

    Fr, 24.6., 12:00Uhr Stage/Entrance hall: _ARISS und der Cosmic Kiss der Maurer-Mission" (DG6BCE)

    (ARISS and the Cosmic Kiss of the Maurer Mission)

    Fr, 24.6., 13:30Uhr Teachers Seminar: _ARISS- Schulkontakte mit Astronauten" (DG6BCE)

    (ARISS school contacts with astronauts)

    Fr, 24.6., 14:00Uhr Stage/Entrance hall: _ARISS-Kontakt JKG Lebach zur Cosmic Kiss Mission" (by JKG Lebach)

    (ARISS school contact by JKG Lebach within Maurer Mission)

    Sa, 25.6., 10:00Uhr Hall A2/Room 2: _ARISS-Funkexperimente auf der ISS" (DG6BCE)

    (ARISS radio experiments on ISS)

    Sa, 25.6., 16:00Uhr Stage/Entrance hall: _ARISS und der Cosmic Kiss der Maurer-Mission" (DG6BCE)

    (ARISS and the Cosmic Kiss of the Maurer Mission) (Repetition on 2nd day)

    The permanent ARISS team on-site at our exhibition place will be Oliver AMEND DG6BCE and Micol IVANCIC IU2LXR.

    You are welcome to meet us there!

    73 de Oliver DG6BCE

    Tried out the RX function. The SDR receives the lower and mid beacon 4 kHz too high and the upper beacon 3 kHz. It looks nice, but I hope your web certificate is secure.

    Edit: I hope you know that public remote operation is not allowed via QO-100 and that you have provided for this in your software.

    SSTV Event

    Watch for SSTV event honoring Cosmonautics Day and Women in Space starting 2022-04-11 at 16:30 UTC and ending 2022-04-13 at 12: 00 UTC. The mode will be PD120.

    The latest information on the operation mode can be found at

    The latest list of frequencies in use can be found at

    [ANS thanks Charlie Sufana, AJ9N, one of the ARISS operation team mentors for the above information]

    Once again George, what you mean is real full duplex operation. With a noise cancelling microphone or DSP programmed you can push the PTT all the time down in SSB (!) and "telephone" during the QSO. I hope I've understood you correct now. It is a good idea to bring "satellite full duplex operation" near to our shortwave friends.

    What Martin described is real full duplex ! :) Our normal operating is to speak ... wait ... speak ... a.s.o. In full duplex you can interrupt your partner like at the telephone. Its not a question of mode but of operating.

    What section you need to clarify?

    If I understand you correct, you want to make more than 1 QSO (eg 2x2 operators = 2 QSO's) on the same frequency and at the same time in SSB (USB). My meaning is, this is not possible.


    I have a proposal for a "new" operational mode for NB.

    The traditional QSO using USB in all frequencies is half duplex. This is due to the fact that is impossible to Rx during Tx. Using USB is possible two stations or more to talk at the same time without interfering each other.

    The proposal is that two or more stations talk together like a telephone conversation. Of course callsigns must told every few minutes according to ham radio laws.

    This will provide a more "natural" mode of communication that is impossible to implement with out QO100.

    Hello George

    I understand your "new" mode as Fullduplex. It's possible that both operators can talk at the same time, but if they are understanding each other is another question. As you know, a good operating practice and discipline is important in a roundtable.

    Well George, I think this is an old hat for you and it is possible, I understand you wrong ?

    Hallo Timo

    Welcome in our world, this was the first problem we had to solve. You can find hundreds of discussions about LNB's in this forum. If your working LNB is from Opticum or a similar model, use this one. You can use it without modification with SDR console. i use one from Opticum with my old Kenwood TS-711E without any problem. But you are free to modify any LNB.