Software LNB drift correction

  • I would be interested to test you GNU Radio code. Can you share it ?

    The contains the development sources of a GNU Radio-based receiver for the Blockstream Satellite network. Very interesting.

    73 michel, hb9dug


    A zip file containing the GRC file is attached. Please note that you need to install limesdr.

    Its quite untidy at present but I am working on a hierarchical version.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    73 Mike G4CDF

  • Mike,

    Merci for the GRC file, i will test it when I return from CJ 2019, the annual gethering of the microwave fan.

    73 MIchel HB9DUG

  • DB8TF Flo after many long discussions your fight has ended successfully in version 3.07..with a small bug if you switch on RIT function..but Simon has fixed it in 3.08 I heard. The Beta group doing a good job. My thought is pretty simple the community was not aware what your solution meant for them. But that behaviour you find back in history often. Good ideas will not easy be accepted.. Be glad that you reached your goal..Some other inventors have to wait until they die. So you are alive and I hope to see more good ideas from you side..

  • Hi Heiner,

    i must admit i haven't tested SDR-Radio with the driftcorrection till now ;)

    My "old" setup with 2 PCs/Sticks works to good...

    I am glad that unless other things relating EH2 the drift correction is free for everybody and no one has to pay for its use. Thanks to Simon.

    True Ham Spirit here.

  • Hi Flo,

    yes, I could convince Simon to implement the drift correction as I could refer to your excellent work !

    In 3.0.8 the problem with the RIT is corrected and now works fine.

    We are presently discussing some other modifications with respect to the RIT which should make it even more user friendly ...

    Thanks and regards


  • The whole QO100 project is only so good because of the work from so many OMs.

    Some share their experience in programming SW others are designing and building feeds, and the guys which are trying to modify LNBs and sharing their experiences are also very helpful.

    Amsat-DL has surely done the most work i think.

    And a lot more OMs are working and experimenting to help this great project getting better and better. :)