is there some AX25 like "chat" software?

  • Like the Title states i am searching for a Software (for M$) to chat via EH2.

    Similar to Packet Radio but better suited for SSB.

    Now i am using the chat funktion from KG-STV but you never know if the recipient has got the message.

    Some suggestions?

    vy73 DB8TF

  • DB8TF

    Changed the title of the thread from “is there AX25 like "chat" software?” to “is there some AX25 like "chat" software?”.
  • DB8TF nice idea Flo..keep me updated.. tomorrow there is no work and I will set up my TX equipment. have only 500mW from BU-500 at the moment..but an 120cm dish..

    Nice evening.. hope you hear me soon on QO-100..:thumbup:

  • After some Tests with MultiPSK in AX25 1k2 mode it Looks promising.

    I can decode my send data without problems on the downlink.

    Only the TX via Serial port is not properly working in Win 10 pro 64bit.

    You have to run Multipsk in compatility mode for Win 7 an disable all UART Buffers on the port.

    vy73 DB8TF

  • I found out that the AX25 packets are not linear on AF frequency.

    At least on my rig (FT790R). The lower frequencys (ca. 1200Hz) needed to be attenuated abt. 12dB

    Vy.73 DB8TF

  • Now i tested UISS and that works fine.

    Also the AF linearity is much better with that SW.

    You can manually start the "soundmodem" and "easyterm" and there you go.

    Someone here who wants to make a AX25 QSO over EH2?

    vy73 DB8TF

  • As we have now carried out some successful QSOs via AX25 & EH2 we are searching for a software which supports "converse" mode for more than 2OMs in a QSO.

    I tried Flexnet but it doesn't work with the nice UZ7HO soundmodem.

    Paxon works too but also has no "converse" mode.

    Does someone know a AX25 client software that supports "converse" and works with UZ7HO Soundmodem?

    vy73 DB8TF

  • "converse" operates as a server where all the users connect. so you would have to have one volunteer that runs the server (and could connect locally) and all the others connect to there via the satellite. and all messages have to be transmitted to and acknowledged by everyone.

    something tells me this is less than optimal. a multiuser chat protocol could be devised that allows this operation without having a session with everyone.

    maybe an extension of the existing chat modes like contestia or olivia (available in Fldigi).

  • I got an email from UZ7HO in which he recommends BPQ32.

    This should be compatible with Soundmodem and has the desired "converse" mode.

    Later i will give it a try

    vy73 DB8TF