Is that cw- beacon strong?

  • Hi,

    20-25dB over the noise is good. How strong is the upper beacon?

    I see different levels when i compare gqrx and sdr-console, both getting their data from the same sdr dongle on a server running rtl_tcp. In gqrx, the lower beacon is 30-35dB over noise (when tx-ing the steady carrier) , the upper beacon 27dB. In sdr-console, the lower beacon is only 15dB , the upper beacon 25dB over noise.

    Maybe it depends on the settings. Experiment with LNA-Gain etc. Compare weak signals with web-sdrs to evaluate your setup. I can read many weak signals better on my own setup than on .

    73, Martin

  • Hello all,

    The SDRuno-Software in combination with one of the SDRPplay-devices (I use the RSP1A) is capable to measure/estimate the SNR reasonably well. The SNR is calculated based upon the selected bandwidth.

    To quote SDRplay Tech_Support:.

    "The SNR measurement is only for the selected signal as defined by the filter bandwidth defined within the Rx Control panel. The signal power is taken from the power meter measurement and the noise is estimated via an analysis of the entire wider band noise floor within the SP1 window to remove the effect of the presence of other signals. As such, the SNR measurement is not a precise measurement, but it is reasonably accurate."


    Vy 73

    Holger 'Geri', DK8KW