Excessive Power

  • Hi all, as many new users are appearing and with no Lila its probably worth mentioning the point about excessive power. Some new operators are using 20W PAs at full output with larger dishes.

    Here is an example, which I am sure wasn't intentional and it's about gaining experience and new operators coming on to satellites. It wasn't doing any harm with the transponder empty and the operator reduced power once it was pointed out, but initially their signal was well above the beacon. The signal should be at or below the peak level of the CW beacon on a single tone, it should not be at the same level within the full bandwidth on an SSB filter. I appreciate it is very hard for operators not using SDRs to set these levels which is why monitoring on an SDR or on the WebSDR is recommended.

  • Yes - transponder AGC was activated a few month ago.

    However, such a strong signal should have already triggered LEILA too.

    LEILA was activated by Mario DL5MLO several weeks ago and he is still optimizing it.

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