Special Callsign Activity from TA

  • Hello,

    There will be a special activity station as TC113PTR callsign ,

    which will be qrv on HF+6m and additionally QO-100 (if everything goes well) between August 31st and September 1st 2019

    More info about activity can be found at qrz.com with same callsign.


  • Hello,

    nice to hear, that there will be a activity from TA via QO-100. I assume you have special permit for TX on 2.4 GHz. Will there be also spezial permitts for other HAMs in TA to TX on 2.4GHz via QO-100 ?

    73 de Johannes

  • Yes special permit has been taken for this activity.

    So you can legally add it to your log.

    And no. they dont give special permission to other hams.. this permission was given with the help of Emergency Communication Service to see how practical to setup such system incase of a disaster...

    Maybe this may help to get permissions permamently in the future.

  • Ciao " OZZY " è con TANTO PIACERE che ti leggo qui sul forum, non vedo l'ora di ascoltarti via <QO-100> SATELLITE.

    È passato molto tempo da quando ti ho ascoltato sui satelliti <LEO>, spero di sentirti di nuovo presto per un nuovo qso ...

    Un satellite dalle prestazioni molto elevate in cui è possibile realizzare splendidi QSO è il <CAS-4A o B> con un'eccellente qualità del suono e orbite molto favorevoli per la propria zona.

    A presto tramite <OSCAR -100> e GRAZIE per questa opportunità

    73 CIAO


    IZ5ILX -.-

  • Ciao Vale, I think I will not be active for a while on Oscar-100 because I am not permitted and I am not an operator on the TC113PTR activity. But I do give technical advice and help them setup their station for this operation. I am mostly active on LEO satellites besides EME and MS work. Hope to meet you soon.

    And Kalispera George, thank you for your effort on Erzincan EQ.

    Yes we are entertaining ourselves with this hobby, trying new things, learning lots of information, and even we never wish, sometimes we need to use this information to save lifes.. I believe QO-100 will have a very important role in such disaster events. Easy to setup, low power consumption, never dependent on any propagation..

    Just need a small dish and a clean sky view.. TA1E and TA4E will be qrv on QO-100 from Antalya area which I think you already met.

    Best Regards.

    PS: Already built my uplink transverter for 2.4 GHz. Maybe I may make a few pirate calls to test if it works hi hi.