IS0GRB WebSDR automatic decoding of the HD images of KG-STV transmitted on 10489625

  • Good morning from today IS0GRB Websdr has implemented the automatic decoding of the KG-STV images transmitted on 10489625; The thumbnails are automatically displayed above the websdr spectrum and updated every 30s.

    By clicking on the images it is possible to view them in real size; sliding with the bar you can also see the previous transmissions


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hi Roberto,

    i just transmitted a KG-STV picture and received it back here without a single pixel loss.

    But on your WEBSDR it is not shown, even after 5 minutes.

    Is your system properly working?

    73s DB8TF

    EDIT: 2nd and 3rd Picture received but really low in quality. is your KG-STV RX setup optimal adjusted?

  • Hello DB8TF, can be that you are not exactly in 10489625

    The WebSDR have a GPSDO, but if you are not using an external reference and/or transmit in other freq. or not exactly in .625 the system will not decode or not decode fine

    Thanks for your report


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Found and fixed the Problem...

    It was not clever to mount the BU500 (TCXO inside) directly on the heatsink of the PA.

    The temperature of the PA heatsink rises from 3 degrees to 20 degrees while transmitting one KGSTV picture.

    Now i separated the BU500 from the PA heatsink and now it stays stable during TX..

    Normally the BU500 is very stable but 17degrees rise in temperature are to much for it

    73s DB8TF

  • I think the KG-STV RX @ IS0GRB is a little bit deaf (now).

    Just transmitted some pics and received them 100% back here but on the IS0GRB page they have pixel errors.

    Transmit quality & frequency of the transmissions was nearly perfect. Also a really strong signal (close to the lower beacon!) was used.

    73s DB8TF