Septum Feed for Uplink

  • I have tried POTY and Helix feeds so far and would like to try a Septum feed on my offset dish with f/D=0,6.
    Has anyone tried such a feed for QO-100 yet? Those are widely used for 13 cm EME.
    Would like to know your experiences, before I start the project.
    Yes, I know it is only for TX and I need a seperate dish for RX - I just would use it for DATV uplink if it is better then the others.

    Gerhard OE3GBB

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    AMSAT-DL is using a stainless steel septum feed for its master uplink from Bochum (3m dish size). The main problem is its geometric size, I would guess for dish sizes below 1m the shadowing is considerable. I think return loss after fine tuning was >35 dB.