DXPatrol Upconverter Power adjustment

  • Hi together,

    after a damage, I want to change my amp from DX-Patrol 12W Amp to a SG-Labs Modell. V2 has an Input of 500mW and the new V3 max 100mW. I look for the V3 Version but I don´t not know If I can reduce the DX-Patrol-Upconverter to abt 40mW out with the inside power adjustment.

    Has anybody test the UpConverter V3, how deep you can reduce the output of the upconverter Version 3?



  • Hello Thorsten,

    I am not familiar with the DX-Patrol up-converter but I assume that it is working as a linear converter. So what you would need is a relatively cheap step attenuator on thw input side of the converter to reduce the output power. This step attenuator only needs to be suitable for the input frequency and not for 2.4Ghz. I have seen those already for around 20 or 30 Euro.

    The SG-Lab PA is very linear, even down to very low power, see my report at

    SG-Labs 20 W PA V.3

    Vy 73

    Holger ‚Geri‘, DK8KW